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~*Sammie*~ replied to topic 15 mnth old not walking

i dont think its anything to worry about just yet my DS2 didnt walk till he was 16-17 months.

Tuesday 02 February 10:49am

~*Sammie*~ replied to topic foreskin worries

I was always told to leave there foreskin alone and when they are ready they will explore it themselves and wash it what have you. My oldest is now 5 and he has been washing it and everything for ...

Tuesday 02 February 10:46am

~*Sammie*~ replied to topic Head lice on 5 year old

i do kero and baby oil, my son has thick hair and i find it the only thing that is effective to get the little suckers out. I put it in his hair, comb it with it in, then i wash his hair like 3 tim...

Tuesday 02 February 10:42am

~*Sammie*~ replied to topic at my wits end

my now 5 yr old when throught that not eating vegies or fruit stage, we bought vegie fingers and told them they were special fish fingers, that how we got him to eat some vegies and those new potat...

Tuesday 02 February 10:24am

~*Sammie*~ started new topic Just cant take it anymore...

I have a 2 yr old son who i just cant figure anything out with, all he wants to eat (If he could eat me out of house and home he would)he does not sleep through that night he wakes up about 5 times...

Tuesday 02 February 10:09am

~*Sammie*~ replied to topic OMG! I Just Got A BFP!!!!! How to tell DH?

WOW congrats...

Saturday 28 June 06:09am

~*Sammie*~ replied to topic Cairns Working Mums

Jakeymummy, it is along way out, and i wish they would put one it town. Not sure is Maze mania is still in cairns central but that could also be an option. I was wondering would hubbys, BF, partne...

Friday 27 June 03:18pm

~*Sammie*~ replied to topic 9 months and not crawling

princessdaddynme - my oldest boy started walking at 9 months. I was thinking he just wants to get up and run with his brother... it doesnt bother him he likes tummy time and sitting and he get on ...

Friday 27 June 03:11pm

~*Sammie*~ replied to topic Cairns Working Mums

hey mummies... another sugestion is SQUEEKERS in edmonton the kids will really love it there... they have 2 different areas for different age groups, i havent been for a little bit but some mother ...

Monday 23 June 11:53am

~*Sammie*~ started new topic 9 months and not crawling

My little man is is 9 month today and he is still not crawling. He doesnt pull himself up but all he wants is for someone to hold him while he is standing whcih is gettig annoying when i have washi...

Monday 23 June 11:46am

~*Sammie*~ started new topic Teething troubles

I am going through hell with Lachlans teething... i have tried everything on them... Hylands tablets have worked but not as well as i am hoping does anyone else have any ideas... Brauers (SP?) didn...

Monday 23 June 11:40am

~*Sammie*~ started new topic How much does your 7 mth Olds weigh?

Lachlan weights 11.3 kg, What are other 7 months old bubbaz Weighing?

Saturday 10 May 03:41pm

~*Sammie*~ started new topic Myspace...

I know this has prolly been done but i would love to swap myspace addys with everyone... [url][/url] is mine

Sunday 16 December 07:43pm

~*Sammie*~ replied to topic Any young mums wanna chat?

I dont know if i have replied to this post... I am Sammie and I am 22, I have a nearly 3 y/o son Zayne and a nearly 3 month old Lachlan, I live in Cairns with them and there daddy and my wonderful ...

Sunday 16 December 07:40pm

~*Sammie*~ started new topic not even 2 months yet

My little cherub isnt even 2 months yet and he is already starting to get 2 thats right 2 teeth...

Thursday 15 November 06:19pm

~*Sammie*~ replied to topic NAPPY LEAKS???

I only used new born nappies for my boys in huggies the i change to a home brand nappy and i get no leaks no nothing they are cheaper and they work better...

Thursday 15 November 06:08pm

~*Sammie*~ replied to topic PLEASE ENTER THIS POST...

All done what a little cutie!!

Thursday 15 November 06:00pm

~*Sammie*~ replied to topic identity Direct

Yep Zayne has all that and Lachlan is slowly starting to get his collections going!!MIL has just bought a tonne of stuff for all her grand kids lol!!

Wednesday 24 October 11:58am

~*Sammie*~ replied to topic Why did you choose formula?

i started breast feeding both my boys but both time my breasts didnt produce enough milk and they were always hungry!!! so thats why my boys went on formula!

Tuesday 23 October 06:42pm

~*Sammie*~ started new topic identity Direct

I am so inlove with this website ATM!! lmao!! I have been buying so much stuff with Zayne and Lachlans names persoalized on it.. My MIL is addicted now too... lmao!! I just wanted to share they ha...

Tuesday 23 October 06:35pm
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