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Katherine_Rose replied to topic First Response test- faint pink line ??

I had the same thing! First test I took was negative, took 2 more then suddenly the 4th one showed the faintest second pink line. Went to the gp and had an ultrasound due to cramping and we found o...

Sunday 13 December 09:01pm

Katherine_Rose replied to topic Am I pregnant??? Brown flow

Hi! I had kind of the same thing. Tiny bit of spotting and period like cramps, headache and dizziness. I took 2 at some tests and 1 at a doctor, which were all negative. I took another test about a...

Sunday 13 December 08:30pm

Katherine_Rose started new topic Period after baby

Hello! I'm a bit new to this all, but was hoping someone would be able to help me... My son has just turned 1 (we made it - hooray)! I am still BF morning and before bed when he wants it, bu...

Friday 11 December 07:31pm

Katherine_Rose replied to topic How early did you get symptoms?

I was waiting and waiting for my period to come and it didn't. The first symptom I had was my boobs got really heavy-feeling and big, no nausea, I was a bit dizzy though. I guess it's dif...

Friday 11 December 07:17pm
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