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World4mum1 replied to topic Your Pregnancy Tips

* rest as much as possible. * dont feel guilty for letting the house go * do buy a body pillow he is your new boyfriend. lol. * dont buy an expensive pram check its safety first Choice is a g...

Friday 24 October 05:55pm

World4mum1 replied to topic hcg levels

how many weeks are you. My first hcg came back low and then took off. I hope all is ok though. fingers crossed

Friday 24 October 05:46pm

World4mum1 replied to topic Anyone else not telling family etc until 12 weeks?

We have a complicated pregnancy. My husband has a balanced translocation, so miscarriage is highly on the adgenda. We are waiting till I cannot hide the bump any longer (if I get that far), as t...

Friday 24 October 05:43pm

World4mum1 started new topic Help. Obstetricians in Orange NSW.

HI all, I was previously from sydney and now in Orange NSW. I have seen an obstetrician who Im not comfortable with he is very old school and very anti TOP even if its medically necessary. At t...

Friday 24 October 05:40pm

World4mum1 replied to topic Chance of miscarriage

I wouldnt worry about the dating being only a couple of days behind. So long as the hcg is doubling then it will be fine. side note a friend of mine who did IVF measured behind and her hcg didn...

Friday 24 October 05:36pm

World4mum1 replied to topic daycare questions

its not the green snotties you have to worry about. See green the kid is clean. Thats the body getting rid of the cold. Its the clear runny nose to watch out for. Thats when the child is cont...

Saturday 26 April 11:31pm

World4mum1 replied to topic Techniques to use on a bossy toddler

The time out method aka super nanny method. But both parents MUST be on the same page. ITS AN ABSOLUTE MUST. Give her a warning that her behaviour is unacceptable. If she continues she will ...

Saturday 26 April 11:25pm

World4mum1 replied to topic Imaginary Friends - kinda freaking me out. What are your experiences??

kids can see ghosts better than children. Susan might be one and your son is talking to her. Don't be alarmed unless he starts doing things that are NOT in his best interests.

Saturday 26 April 11:17pm

World4mum1 replied to topic Parenting and work

Im a shift worker. You can't get out of cooking. But you can pre-prepare some meals and freeze making it easier for you to spend time with your LO. Slow cookers are king! Get one. And t...

Saturday 26 April 11:13pm

World4mum1 replied to topic failure to thrive

speech pathologist is a good place to start. well done. You said he likes yogurt and custard...can you put some suppliments in like sustagen?? There is a vanilla one. Try a paediatric dietici...

Saturday 26 April 11:03pm

World4mum1 replied to topic 16 Month old Screams at everything :(

Try asking him to use his words. Or try him sign language for babies. Sometimes around this age autism presents itself with high pitched screams. Im not you Im not there I do not know.

Saturday 26 April 10:48pm

World4mum1 replied to topic Have you had more than one blighted Ovum?

Being an IVFer its quite common actually. HUGS xxxxxx

Saturday 26 April 10:46pm

World4mum1 replied to topic skin care

I know it sounds funny but....... Cut up a fresh lemon in half. Rub over your face. Let it sit 2 mins then wash off. Or Cut up a fresh lemon juice it mix with egg whites. Leave on as a mas...

Saturday 26 April 10:38pm

World4mum1 replied to topic Help

hugs first xxxxxxxxx Hun it is heart breaking because we all want something for our kids and hope for their futures. But its not all doom and gloom, mild is better than severely. (sheepishly s...

Saturday 26 April 10:34pm

World4mum1 replied to topic height

me too. lol. My 2 and half yr old gets mistaken for a 4 or 5 yr old I want a shirt for her saying I am 2. And because her language is advanced and very clear that doesn't help either. My...

Saturday 26 April 10:30pm

World4mum1 replied to topic Does it get better??

Check out the super nanny books. They are marvelous. The time out step or spot works a treat!

Saturday 26 April 10:22pm

World4mum1 replied to topic Want opinions on parking a manual car - help settle a debate!

Oh gosh in gear in gear in gear!!! OPTION A!! NEVER in neutral. Nose up a hill in 1st. Nose down a hill in reverse. on flat ground in 1st. all with hand brake on. As you can ne...

Saturday 26 April 10:16pm

World4mum1 replied to topic Baltic Amber necklace do you leave it on?

There have been reports of children left with them on, who have choked to death. Its not a warning comply with laws or not being sued. Its actually real. Plus if your thinking of getting one c...

Saturday 26 April 10:12pm

World4mum1 replied to topic Sleeping through the night

Yep its an urban myth in pretty much any baby. Only very very very few babies will be sleeping through at an early age. Don't listen to the other mummies. Mine wasn't sleeping th...

Saturday 26 April 10:08pm

World4mum1 replied to topic When to give up on breastfeeding?

If your baby has weight issues and is not putting on weight then stop BF. I was told to keep trying and trying and trying. My baby was loosing weight hand over fist and I decided to bottle fee...

Saturday 26 April 10:02pm
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