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Jessie#1 replied to topic Hot pies ok?

I would quite often get a savoury from the dairy near by to keep hunger/cravings at bay. I trusted the owner sold fresh pies made in the same town & they are always piping hot.

Wednesday 22 October 12:59pm

Jessie#1 replied to topic Expecting first kid

I'm almost 25 weeks with our first baby & it is a very anxious but exciting time. I have found great support joining a private FB page of Huggie mums due in the same month as we were all g...

Thursday 28 August 01:30pm

Jessie#1 started new topic Symbio (Probiotic) while pregnant

I am currently 22 weeks pregnant & have been advised by a friend to start taking probiotics or symbio as it can prevent allergies for your baby. I've purchased some symbio yoghurt but now ...

Monday 11 August 11:31am

Jessie#1 replied to topic Morning sickness... How do I battle through?

I would buy the 10 pack of Salt n Vinegar chips to bring to work & ginger beer (Schweppes one isn't as full on flavour like bundaberg) helped too.

Wednesday 06 August 07:12am

Jessie#1 replied to topic Bad midwife???

If you can change go for it, you need to be totally supported & sounds like she's too busy or uncaring. Good luck

Monday 21 July 10:46am

Jessie#1 replied to topic Stretching pains?

I've had those, round ligament pains when I get up to fast or move weird. Mention it to your midwife but know that it's common. A wee reminder there's a little human sharing your body

Tuesday 01 July 07:02pm

Jessie#1 replied to topic Due December 2014

Spepper wrote: Please send me your email address to and say you want to be added to the facebook group and Ill invite you by email. or message me your email on facebook (alt...

Wednesday 11 June 11:21am

Jessie#1 replied to topic Due December 2014

On the Facebook page we have no one on the 14th, send your email address to Spepper to be added if you like

Monday 09 June 09:17am

Jessie#1 replied to topic Girl name help please!

Indie is on our girls name list, however I dislike India so we are thinking of just using Indie as her first name. I'm a Jessie & always have people that assume my name is Jessica which I ...

Monday 26 May 11:12am

Jessie#1 replied to topic worried about not eating healthy!

Pumpkin was my favourite vegetable & I dry-reach just thinking of it. Definitely not wanting to eat any veges either, but I'm having plenty of fruit. Not really eating a lot of red meat so...

Monday 26 May 11:09am

Jessie#1 replied to topic TTC #1 at 29yo. How long did it take you & how old?

Exciting you are TTC! I stopped the pill when we got married 3 years ago & went about our lives "not trying" but if it were to happen then great. About 10 months ago I started pre nat...

Tuesday 29 April 08:02am

Jessie#1 replied to topic Due December 2014

Hi everybody, We got our BFP 2 weeks ago & was confirmed today by my GP. This is our first pregnancy after 13 years together so we are very much over the moon. Finding it hard keeping a secret...

Monday 28 April 09:17am
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