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Biscuits replied to topic Any September 04' Babes?

Hi there, My son Scott was also born on the 9 September 2004, he weighed 6 lb 10 oz, he is also a first child. He is a very bubbly boy, lots of "talking" at the moment, and the smiles, well are jus...

Sunday 09 January 07:17am

Biscuits replied to topic Nipple shields

Hi, Super, I used nipple sheilds after I left hospital. I had no nipples!!!! Also when leaving hospital I had such sore nipples that it wasn't funny, as the midwives were forcing my wee man on an...

Wednesday 17 November 03:53pm

Biscuits replied to topic problem jogger pram

I would take it back to the shop, the very reason for having a three wheeler is to have mobility! Mine is great!! It's a Babylove brand. I wouldn't change for the world!! Good luck with your one...

Wednesday 17 November 01:38pm

Biscuits replied to topic first time mum

Hi there, just letting you know that I'm with you on that one! I am in the same boat. I am new to this country and area. My e-mail address is, I also have MSN. My bundl...

Wednesday 17 November 07:31am

Biscuits replied to topic Will I ever venture outdoors without my pillow???

Hi Brooke, Hope to still read this site! I had exactly the same problem as you, my baby is now 9 weeks and feeding from the breast. I used nipple sheilds for they first 6 weeks, that had helped m...

Wednesday 17 November 07:21am

Biscuits replied to topic When do babies smile???

Hi there, my wee boy is nine weeks old and he is still trying to figure out what things are about. He does however have alot of windy smiles, so can be very confusing!! I can smile at him, and he...

Wednesday 17 November 06:54am

Biscuits replied to topic Hannah

Congratulations! Good luck with everything! How does it feel to be a big brother Matthew?? Stay well

Wednesday 17 November 06:40am

Biscuits replied to topic Pimple like rash on baby's face?

Hi Michelle, I to have had to deal with this!! My son had it bad on his face, neck and chest, I have found with Scott, it is a heat related thing, so hot day, lots of rash!!

Sunday 14 November 06:21am
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