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bonniebabe replied to topic at 12 weeks, still feeds every 2 hours

I have just had my second son (7-09-06) and he too was wanting feeds every two hours. I am wiser now after havng same problem with my first child - solution for me is putting bub on breast and the...

Saturday 16 September 10:02am

bonniebabe replied to topic working till due date anyone else???

Hi Working late in pregnancy depends on the individual. I finished two weeks before my first son was due (he was one week late) and I got bored waiting (was 2cm dilated 2 weeks before he was due)...

Tuesday 22 August 10:28am

bonniebabe replied to topic What age from cot to bed?

I have always had a single bed set up in my son's room in case I had to spend the night in there with him, as my husband starts work at 6am. Thankfully, my son has always been a good sleeper and th...

Saturday 22 April 09:00am

bonniebabe started new topic sharp abdomen pains and feeling faint

I am about seven weeks pregnant with my second child and have been experiencing sharp pains low on the left and right side of my abdomen. They don't last long but come and go at any time. I have ...

Friday 13 January 10:19am

bonniebabe replied to topic irregular ultra sound results

Hi I know it is hard not too worry but sometimes we get too much information. With my son I was told at 18 weeks gestation that I had a high risk of down syndrome (the risk of a 40 yo not 24 yo) ...

Friday 13 January 08:45am

bonniebabe started new topic Is 4 days after ovulation too soon to know if pregnant??

Hi My hubby and I have just started recording temps etc in an attempt to conceive a girl. We had a night of pleasure where we didn't use protection and low and behold, I ovulated three days late...

Saturday 06 August 01:02pm

bonniebabe replied to topic Trying for a boy??

Hi Kristi I am currently trying for a girl and I 'feel' like I am pregnant, although the test came up negative, but it did that with my first child. I have a book called 'How to choose the sex of...

Saturday 06 August 12:38pm

bonniebabe started new topic Solids

Hi all Seeking advice and opinions on when is the best time to start bubs on solids??? I have read and received conflicting advice. Some books say 4 months but now the nurses are telling me to w...

Wednesday 08 December 08:34am

bonniebabe replied to topic Teething or not?

Hi Rachael I have been thinking that my three-month-old son is about to start teething because he has excessive dribbling and his hands are constantly in his mouth and sometimes he has rosy cheeks...

Wednesday 01 December 04:23pm

bonniebabe replied to topic GOLD COAST FRIENDS?

Hi Michelle I have a three-month-old son, am 25-years-old and none of my friends have children. While it is a fantastic time of my life it is nice to share it all with others. My sister-in-law h...

Wednesday 01 December 04:10pm

bonniebabe replied to topic I'm new here too, are there any nth gold coast mums?

Hi I live at Helensvale and have a three-month-old son and would love to share stories.

Wednesday 01 December 04:06pm

bonniebabe replied to topic Gold Coast Mums and Dads

Hi Andrea Your idea about the playgroup sounds good. I phoned about joining a local playgroup and left a message but never heard back from the girl running it so I didn't bother ringing back. My...

Wednesday 01 December 04:01pm

bonniebabe replied to topic email pals from the Gold Coast.

Hi Ren My name is Bec and I have a three-month-old son. I am a first time mum and would love to chat, as I have received so much conflicting advice from mid-wives and doctors. It's nice to hear ...

Wednesday 01 December 03:56pm
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