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Champ76 replied to topic Inductions for the sake of it.

I think inductions should be done on a case by case basis. I can tell you that if both my babies were not induced they would have never come out!!! #1 was induced 7 days late, and #2 was 10 days ...

Wednesday 05 September 06:59am

Champ76 replied to topic HUBBY IS HURTING ME..... HELP

Do you have a spare room? I would be putting hubby in there - you need your sleep. It is hard enough to sleep at this stage of your pregnancy without having to deal with that!!

Wednesday 05 September 06:51am

Champ76 replied to topic Induced with #1for being late, what about #2?

#1 was induced 7 days late, #2 was induced 10 days late and the labour with #2 was twice as bad. 9 hours from induction to birth and a 9 pound 9 baby. I am now pregnant with #3 (due Christmas Eve...

Sunday 02 September 03:09pm

Champ76 replied to topic Different boys names....

I think the think to remember with a boys name is that one day they will be a man, maybe running a large corporation, and if you give them an odd name people are less likely to take them seriously....

Sunday 02 September 03:06pm

Champ76 replied to topic Did you concieve while breastfeeding?

I am pregnant with No.3 and I never got my period back from after no.2. I was breastfeeding and on the mini-pill - this is not a planned baby as we weren't having anymore. I have only just given ...

Monday 09 July 03:17pm

Champ76 replied to topic isabelle for a name

Our first little girl is Isabelle Nicole - we both really liked the name and Nicole is my name (this is a tradition in my husbands family).

Wednesday 20 June 06:32am

Champ76 replied to topic Baby Number 3

We had dediced to stop at 2 - we have 2 beautiful little girls and we felt that was enough. Two weeks ago I discovered I was pregnant again (still breastfeeding 11 month old and on mini-pill). Th...

Monday 04 June 03:09pm

Champ76 replied to topic IS IT HARDER 2 FALL PREGNANT 2ND TIME AROUND??

With our 1st we fell pregnant first time, first month. With our 2nd it took 5 months. It was such an emotional rollercoaster because it happened so easy the first time I thought it would be the s...

Monday 04 June 03:05pm

Champ76 replied to topic breast feeding and alcohol

When you are staying in the private maternity hospital they offer you wine for dinner!!! I think there is nothing wrong with having the odd drink - but just don't drink right before feeding. I sa...

Wednesday 30 May 09:49am

Champ76 replied to topic When did people get their periods back??????????

My little Lorelai is 11 1/2 months old and I am still breastfeeding and haven't got my periods yet!! I have been on the mini-pill as well but - have just found out I am pregnant. As my periods ha...

Monday 28 May 02:18pm

Champ76 replied to topic Are your baby's named after anyone?????

Our 1st daughter is Isabelle Nicole - we just both loved the name Isabelle and Nicole is my name. Our 2nd daughter is Lorelai Ettie - Lorelai from Gilmore Girls because it is my favourite show and...

Monday 28 May 05:09am


My 2 girls are very alike. I thought when the second one was born it was scary how similar they are. Both have big brown eyes, dark brown hair - and now at 10months and 3 1/2 years people comment...

Saturday 05 May 07:22am

Champ76 replied to topic 8 month old only eating bought jar food!!

Hi - I mix my homemade food with a small amount of jar food (2 cubes of veges, 1 of meat, 1/2 tin of veges). My 10mth seems to think this is okay and I am happy because I know the majority of food...

Thursday 19 April 05:40pm

Champ76 started new topic Post Natal Depression - when is it time to do something?

Hi girls, When do you know if you are just having a bad day or whether you should go and see someone? Every bad day just seems to run into every bad week at the moment. I am constantly screaming...

Friday 06 April 12:46pm

Champ76 replied to topic weetbix

Hi, I was informed that adult Weet-Bix are very high in salt and should not be offered to children until they are at least 5 years old. The children Weet-Bix are from the age of 1. Hope this helps.

Saturday 31 March 04:51pm

Champ76 replied to topic Sleeping Bags - which one do I get??

Hi - I went to a workshop here in Canberra last week with Tizzie Hall. She is a big fan of the 'gro bag'. The best test for the appropriate sized sleeping bag is whether your baby's head can fit ...

Tuesday 27 March 09:55am

Champ76 replied to topic will not drink formula

Hi - which formula are you using? They say that goat's milk formula is sweeter and more like breastmilk. You are doing well to get him to take a bottle - my 9 mth old won't have a bar of the bott...

Sunday 25 March 02:46pm

Champ76 replied to topic Jar Food vs Natural Food

Hi Nicola, My first little girl was jar feed all the way - she didn't eat what I made for her. I was also severally sleep deprieved and depressed and wasn't in any state of mind to be cooking up ...

Sunday 11 March 07:09am

Champ76 started new topic Need to wean from breast but having no luck

Hi lovely mums, I hope you can give me some help. My little girl (8mths 3weeks) has been 100% breastfeed since day one. I have to return to work in 10 weeks and need to wean her (also I feel I a...

Friday 09 March 09:38am

Champ76 replied to topic Constipation in bf baby - Chiropractor?

Hi - a chiropractor is great if you go to a good one who has dealt with babies. They can help with colic and all sorts of conditions. Both my girls got to the chiropractor. My 8 month old just h...

Friday 02 March 11:58am
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