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Lans started new topic Daytime sleep

Any ideas on daytime naps? My 2 year old goes through phases of not wanting her lunch-time nap. She will happily play in her cot for 20 minutes but then the trouble begins. Most days she is soooo t...

Sunday 07 May 10:12am

Lans replied to topic dairy free rusks?

Susan, I am sure that you can also find gluten free bread in health food shops. I will find out the brand for you next time I am out and about. Its not easy is it? Good luck and I will let you know...

Saturday 29 January 07:08pm

Lans replied to topic dairy free rusks?

Susan, I have found quite a lot of different dairy free breads especially at the health food store - they also stock gluten and yeast free breads. I have also found that a lot of the light rye brea...

Monday 24 January 01:21pm

Lans replied to topic dairy free recipes

Thanks, Suz. I will give them a call tomorrow. Do you know anything about UHT cream? Our paediatrician has told me that I can give it to Lucy with no side effects. In saying that I did try her with...

Monday 24 January 01:14pm

Lans started new topic dairy free recipes

Hi, my 8 month old has recently been diagnosed with an intolerance to cows protein. I am still not sure how her dr came to this conclusion but am doing everything he has asked just in case. I am st...

Saturday 01 January 07:59am

Lans replied to topic ATTENTION- Mothers of Breastfed babies who wont take bottle.....

Hi Elz, My daughter Lucy also rejected many teats until a lactation consultant recommended the pigeon peristaltic. She is now 5 months and is unfortunately bottle fed as she self-weaned about 6 we...

Tuesday 28 September 08:07am
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