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anikun replied to topic Hi

Hello, My name is Anica, and i also live in tuggeranong. I have 3 children. Alana who is 4 Siena who is 19monhs and Luka who is 3 months. I havent been to a meet, as im not sure how they work, but ...

Saturday 11 October 02:23pm

anikun replied to topic Tomorrow's Meet

HI, Just interested in how this meeting things works. Does one just turn up with the kids. Do I need to bring anything. I have 3 kids Alana who is 4, Siena who is 19months, Luka who is 3months. Ha...

Saturday 11 October 02:19pm

anikun replied to topic any prems in canberra?

My bub was born 2nd July at 34 weeks, he was in SCN for 3 weeks. He was 2.1 kgs, which turned out quite well as we were only expecting 1.8kg. Waters broke at 25 weeks, so since that spend time in a...

Saturday 11 October 01:13pm

anikun replied to topic Expecting a Prem Baby

Was back in the hospital for the last few days, as i had some brighter then normal bleeding, but now has gone back to the normal pink that im used to. Although since then i have been getting contra...

Monday 30 June 01:21pm

anikun replied to topic Books on prem babies

My waters broke nearly 7 weeks ago now (am 32 weeks on monday). And because of that we are expecting a prem baby. I was also in search on as much info as i could get on all the stages on prem babie...

Saturday 14 June 07:12am

anikun replied to topic Expecting a Prem Baby

I know, there is so much conficting advise and information. Its the best thing for the baby to stay as long as possible, but i worry because waters have been broke for such a long time, will this h...

Saturday 14 June 07:02am

anikun replied to topic Expecting a Prem Baby

Yes, i am on Antibiotics and i have a nurse come to my home everyday check my blood pressure and temp, as well as check the baby's heart rate. I also see my Dr twice a week. With everything thing t...

Thursday 12 June 12:09pm

anikun started new topic Expecting a Prem Baby

Without any warning my waters broke at 25 weeks. I am now 31 weeks and thanksfully bub hasnt arrived yet. I still have waters leaking everyday and have had bleeding for the last 2 weeks. If i get ...

Wednesday 11 June 08:31am

anikun replied to topic maternity payment

Its $3069 and it goes to $4000 from July 1 06, and then i think it goes to $5000 the next financial year or the one after.

Friday 22 July 08:59am

anikun replied to topic second child?

My Daughter is 10mths as well, and me and my hub are trying for a second one now. I Have always wanted my kids pretty close. That way Alana can have someone to play with and not be as demanding on ...

Wednesday 20 July 08:51am

anikun started new topic Waking up at night

My daughter has been sleeping through the night since she was about 2 mths old. She is now 10mths and for some reason she has started to wake up a couple times a night. When i go in all i need to d...

Wednesday 20 July 08:42am
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