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solo replied to topic 3 1/2 months. Is it possible to self settling without crying?

My second bub is nearly 4 months old and I won't leave her to cry either. I've got a three year old as well, so I've been letting her self-settle all her life. What works for us is that I wrap he...

Saturday 20 January 11:58am

solo replied to topic Going to the loo after a c-section!!!!!

Sam, My experiences were; The catheter was put in before operation and left in for the day following the operation. The spinal drugs were wearing off for the first day anyway, so I wouln't have be...

Thursday 29 June 08:42am

solo replied to topic Obst in Rockhampton

Hi! I'm a local CQ mum too! I went to Dr.Khoo for my first bub so I know exactly what you mean. He has absolutely no bedside manner. NO, he does not get better as you get to know him; he's jus...

Tuesday 07 February 11:21am

solo replied to topic Still Toilet Training 18 months later

Claire, I don't want to sound negative or mean, but maybe it's worth taking him to Dr, just to make sure, because there may be some physical reason why he can not manage the toilet training. Mayb...

Friday 20 January 11:22am

solo replied to topic Diahorrea ??

My guess is plain, healthy and easy to eat foods. No spices or strong flavours. Eg bread,grated apple, macaroni cheese, scrambled eggs etc. One thing I know for sure is keep up the fluids; lots o...

Friday 20 January 11:12am

solo replied to topic Feeling silly but really don't understand what to do.

I am definately no expert, but I can tell you how I started off; DD will be 3 in June. When the warm weather started in Nonember (I'm in QLD), if we were going to be home for a few hours, I'd put ...

Friday 13 January 12:50pm

solo replied to topic Thumb Sucking - Can you stop it?

My 20 mth old sucks her thumb too, and I know how much comfort she gets from it, so I can understand why you want to go gently with your daughter. I don't encourage or discourage my girl from suck...

Wednesday 16 February 09:21am

solo replied to topic When to change from two sleeps to one?

My daughter (who has always slept a lot) is in the process of changing from 2 to 1 sleeps. Her 2-sleeps-a-day pattern was very similar to your son's, so what we're doing may work for you... She ...

Friday 11 February 11:30am

solo replied to topic Toddler Sleeping but Crying Through Night

My 16 mth old sometimes does this and I've found that it's usually when she's uncomfortable for some reason (too cold, too hot, teething etc). She's not quite happy, but not so bad she'll wake up....

Monday 11 October 11:18am

solo replied to topic How old are babies/toddlers when they start having only 1 sleep per day??

I've been wondering the same thing. My baby is 15 and a half months old and still has 2 sleeps; up at 5:30 or 6am, down at 9 and 2 for 1-2 hours each. On the other hand, her playmate who is the ...

Thursday 07 October 10:35am

solo replied to topic Discipline

Melly, I agree with you that at this age (my daughter is 15mths) they don't understand right from wrong. I tell her when she can't touch something and say eg; 'Oh no, we don't touch the bin, that'...

Wednesday 06 October 12:38pm

solo replied to topic Your Dental Tips

I bought two of those small baby-sized brushes, so my daughter can brush her teeth or my teeth and I can be getting my brush into her mouth in between times.

Wednesday 06 October 12:28pm

solo replied to topic Iron Deficient

My bub is only 15 months, but she can be very independant at meal times. A meal she loves to feed herself which is also high in iron is lasagne. I add some frozen spinach to the meat/tomato sauce...

Wednesday 06 October 12:25pm

solo replied to topic What age?

I'm no expert, but from what I've read and heard from other mums and my community health nurse, it's just a steady progress. They learn more and more words, then how to put them together into simp...

Friday 24 September 11:10am

solo replied to topic Any new lunch ideas ??

My 15mth old loves chicken chippies and fish fingers. I just fry them in a non-stick pan without oil. They're really quick and easy. I also compared the fish content and found that the cheap bra...

Friday 24 September 05:35am
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