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lakedos replied to topic Maternity VS Paternity Leave???

It all really depends on your workplace entitlements for both you and your husband. You will have access to your maternity leave for as long as you want it (look at what your job offers). As for yo...

Friday 03 October 11:30am

lakedos replied to topic My 5 month old catnapping during the day is driving me insane! Help!

Hi, I can't be of any help either. My six month old catnaps, and has done since about 1 month. He will have a maximum of 40 minutes, if we're lucky, usually only about 30 minutes. I too w...

Sunday 21 September 01:41pm

lakedos replied to topic Missed miscarriage..

I am so sorry for you. I had a very similar experience, but I didn't have any signs, only found out at ultrasound, and still,had the morning sickness. I know you wonder if you could have done ...

Thursday 07 August 10:36am

lakedos replied to topic Morning sickness... How do I battle through?

Continually have a bottle of water with you and just keep sipping it. I found eating small quantities often....I know about the changing taste thing, there are still some things I haven't atte...

Tuesday 05 August 10:15am

lakedos replied to topic What does mum need?

Also, try to go for a pregnancy massage before baby comes, and plan on a massage again for after baby (i went at about 3 months after and it was amazing!). Agree with things to do and I also just h...

Tuesday 05 August 07:41am

lakedos replied to topic What does mum need?

Healthy snacks! It's amazing how hungry you get with early morning feeds!

Monday 04 August 07:05pm

lakedos replied to topic Breast Pumps

Hi, I have a manual pump. It works well, of course it takes a bit longer than an electric one. If your idea is to just have it to express for emergencies, and have a small stand by supply in the fr...

Monday 21 July 01:49pm

lakedos replied to topic Caesarean Birth

Hi, I ended up having an emergency caesarean, and even though that was unexpected, the recovery wasn't as bad as I imagined. I was up about 12 hours later and moving around. The hospital had ...

Friday 18 July 06:40pm

lakedos replied to topic Baby and toddler groups in Rouse Hill and nearby

Seeing as though you are near rouse hill. I would try rhyme time at the library (Wednesday mornings I think) and meet some other mums there. I'm sure they would have some suggestions too.

Tuesday 15 July 03:23pm

lakedos replied to topic Forgetful freddy!!

We have a big white board which covers 3 months. Each member of the family has a different coloured marker, and their stuff goes on in that colour. Combined stuff is another colour with reminders i...

Sunday 13 July 05:54pm

lakedos replied to topic Strep b - anyone have this and what treatmemt?

Raspberry sundae is correct in saying that you are a carrier. You are treated through an iv drip during labor so that it is not passed onto your baby, as it can make them very unwell. Yes an iv lim...

Sunday 13 July 05:49pm

lakedos replied to topic When did you start to slow down in pregnancy?

Hi De, Listen to your body. Perhaps don't take the dog for such a long walk, or walk slower. Spread the cleaning over the week rather than all at once, etc. your body knows what you can handl...

Friday 11 July 08:58am

lakedos replied to topic Nursery help!

Congratulations on your baby boy. I don't know if this helps, but there are a lot of elephant things around at the moment. I didn't theme my babies room but we have still ended up with lo...

Thursday 10 July 03:29pm

lakedos started new topic When is an appropriate time to start buying baby items?

Congratulations on your pregnancy. Everyone is different. I waited until I was 13 weeks before buying anything, and then, took my time as you do still have a while. I started looking and planning, ...

Monday 07 July 06:43pm

lakedos replied to topic When your home alone...?

When I can convince myself to leave the housework, I will usually have a nice shower, sit in the sun and pat the cat and dog, and try to lay down for a while - not necessarily sleeping, maybe readi...

Tuesday 01 July 12:45pm

lakedos replied to topic No heart beat

All is good cheerful. I gave myself a couple of months to recover both physically and emotionally and I now have a beautiful 13 week old son. I didn't go and get another opinion as I was at m...

Tuesday 01 July 09:43am

lakedos replied to topic If You Had To.....

At the local town band practice hall, as we met when he joined the band I played in. I was 16, he was 18 and we're now in our 30s.

Tuesday 01 July 07:18am

lakedos replied to topic introduce ourselves to everyone :)

Hello, I am new here, about three weeks or so. I have one son, who is 13 weeks old and I found the sight as I was bored sitting around while bubs slept on my lap during the day and there is only so...

Tuesday 01 July 07:15am

lakedos replied to topic No heart beat

Unfortunately this probably is not good news. The ultrasounds are fairly reliable. By all means, she should seek another opinion. This happened to me with my first pregnancy, and it a terrible way ...

Tuesday 01 July 07:11am

lakedos replied to topic VENT - MIL and Baby Shower

Leave's for you, not her.

Monday 30 June 04:25pm
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