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juddy replied to topic school age children

I have 3 at school in SE suburbs. Oldest is in high school.

Wednesday 01 July 08:33am

juddy replied to topic new msn account

Hi there, You can add me if you like. My addy is [email protected] Hope to talk to you soon

Tuesday 25 April 07:38pm

juddy replied to topic Calling all "Tandem" feeders...

Hi Logansmum, I found out I was pregnant when my son was6 months old (so 15 months between). I asked the doctor if I should start to wean him to get ready for the new baby and he said that I would ...

Sunday 19 March 10:41pm

juddy replied to topic Anyone near hastings

hi Stephanie I live not far from you, in Pearcedale. My name is Sue and I have 4 children and would love to meet up with you My msn is [email protected]

Tuesday 31 January 03:36pm

juddy replied to topic Does you child wear glasses?

Hi Toni, My niece had a lazy eye and at about 12 months had to wear an eye patch to strengthen the eye. At about 6, she had to get glasses, which she wears only when reading. My daughter had to ge...

Thursday 29 December 10:03pm

juddy replied to topic toddler panic attacks

Hi Jessmoomoo, We have a 2 1/2 year old who has a virus at the moment (a temp we can't get down). The last couple of nights, he has panic attacks about spiders. He woke last night screaming and say...

Thursday 29 December 09:59pm

juddy replied to topic 2 year old at funeral

I had to take my two year old to my neighbor's hubby's funeral. She has two chn, 2 1/2 and 12 months. She has told the 2-year-old that daddy is watching her from the stars, and they go out every ni...

Tuesday 20 December 01:02pm

juddy replied to topic Refill My Bottle, PLEASE!!!!

Hi Belinda, Have you tried filling it with water when she wakes during the night? Maybe she might finally realise it's not worth waking for, if all she gets is water. Good luck.

Tuesday 20 December 12:34pm

juddy replied to topic Toddler Diarrhea

Hi Sammie, My DS is 2 and a 1/2 and has had the same thing since he was born. I noticed that when I put him on Caricare Toddler Gold it got better, but he doesn't have bottles any more and it has g...

Saturday 17 December 08:54am

juddy replied to topic ANy friday the 13th babies?

Hi Kirsty and Hannie, I don't have any babies born on the 13th, but I thought you might be interested in this. My brother was born on July 13th, he got married on July 13th and his second son wa...

Monday 07 November 08:58pm

juddy replied to topic sick...

Hi Sara. I hope Maya is ok now but I give BJ electrolytes if he has diarrheoa for more than about 12 hours, isn't drinking anything and doesn't have enough wet nappies. When he was about 12 months ...

Wednesday 02 November 09:15pm

juddy replied to topic Foods to avoid

Hi Jacs. Just another food to stay away from while pregnant is the ready-made salads at supermarkets etc. The ones like coleslaw, pasta salad etc. They reckon the mayonaisse is not good because you...

Monday 31 October 01:33pm

juddy replied to topic Any May 2005 babies?

Hi Everyone! My DD was born on 29/05/05. She was 7lb 10oz (3465g) and the smallest of my 4 children. May is a very busy month for us as we have youngest DS 22/05/03, older DD 24/05/97 and Tahlia 29...

Monday 31 October 01:00pm
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