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chey started new topic how long?

Hi all, Just wanting to know how long do you have to keep your tax, mobile,phone etc bills for?!!!! I'm trying to do some de cluttering and get rid of that horrible paperwork that piles up! Any ...

Tuesday 16 January 09:21am

chey started new topic chrissy holidays

Hi Just wondering if anyone knows of any good educational websites where I can download worksheets or activities for my 6 yr old. I'm trying to prepare myself for the long 6 week break and try t...

Wednesday 20 December 02:02pm

chey started new topic tummy bug or what?

My 3 1/2 yr old has had the runs for a couple of days, no vomiting just tummy cramps. She plays and is happy ... She hasn't had any dairy today, i thought maybe she had a milk intolerance . any id...

Wednesday 13 December 03:18pm

chey started new topic studying

Hi just wanted to know how many mums out there study. I'm considering doing my Bach of Teaching thru distance education. I have 3 angels, 1 at school and 2 at home (3yrs & 1YR), but will I cope....

Wednesday 13 December 12:24pm

chey started new topic Study or not?

Hi all, I'm thinking of studying thru oten, I have a 6yr old (at school) a 3yr old and a 9mth old at home. My dilemma is that I really want to study something as i feel my brain needs some stimula...

Tuesday 25 July 09:12am

chey started new topic types of crawls

Hi My 8mth old girl seems to be moving around the house shuffling her bottom, my other girl (now 3) didn't crawl at all and my son (now 6) crawled on all four the'normal' way. Does anyone else 's b...

Sunday 25 June 07:36am

chey replied to topic 5 months after c-sect and still in pain....

Hi aidens mum, I have had 3 c-sections and at 5mths the pain was gone. It was still tender but not painful. My last c-section was almost 4mths ago and if the kids go near it( hugs etc.) it is tend...

Saturday 28 January 07:14am

chey started new topic dark line

HI, When I was pregnant (3 1/2 mths ago) I got a dark line going down my belly and its still there. I'm really paranoid about it, especially now in summer when I would like to wear boardies and b...

Tuesday 24 January 02:35pm

chey replied to topic Pain in Upper Back and Neck?

Hi gizmo, I too get pain in that area from holding my bub. I get pain in my shoulders then my neck and finally get a headache NOT FUN! I got this from work 6years ago and diagnosed with rotator ...

Wednesday 30 November 02:09pm

chey started new topic old wives tales

Hi I was just wondering about any of the old wives tales you have been told. I've been told "- *to put sticky tape on my babies ears so they don't stick out. * that if you take the baby out in t...

Saturday 19 November 01:45pm

chey started new topic breastmilk jaundice

Hi, I have a 4 week old girl and about at 4 days old she became jaundiced. I took her to the doctors at 2 weeks and he said it'll go away. At 4 weeks old, I took her to another doc where they did ...

Sunday 06 November 02:44pm

chey replied to topic scaring after c-section & exercise

Hi zoe taylah I had my 3rd c-section 2 half weeks ago. Each person heals at different rates, with each c-section I seemed to heal a lot quicker and the scar fades alot so don't worry !!! I've ...

Tuesday 25 October 09:31am

chey replied to topic ceasarean - epidural or general?

Hi thanks for all the replies , I think I will go for the epidural I'd love to see the baby straight away... I guess the vomiting etc., may or may not occur, I had nausea and vomiting for the fi...

Tuesday 16 August 07:06am

chey started new topic ceasarean - epidural or general?

Hi, I am pregnant with my 3rd child, with my previous two chn I had ceasars but under general anesthesia. Now with my 3rd I would like to experience my ceasar with an epidural, I have talked to a...

Sunday 14 August 01:01pm

chey replied to topic teething??

hi ner, thanks so much for your reply... the day I posted this she has no more tempreture. That same day she pointed to where her molars should be and said "sore". So i guess it was just her t...

Thursday 19 May 05:37am

chey started new topic teething??

My daughter is 22 months old & has had a tempreture for the past 2 nights ( not during the day, she's fine). She also has lots of drooling, a runny nose and won't eat much. She touches her left s...

Monday 16 May 08:19am

chey replied to topic names? anything different? I don't have a clue.

hi here a some name suggestions of my friends boys: Ethan Nicolas Ronan Deakin Geronimo Flynn Tyson I hope it gives you some ideas. Chey

Wednesday 14 January 07:46am

chey replied to topic 3rd Elective Caesarean?

Hi, I have had two C-sections, the first was 3.5years ago, it was an emergency c-section due to fetal distress, after a 17 hour labor and only 2cm dilation. The second time my doctor advised me it...

Sunday 11 January 01:12pm

chey replied to topic Central Coast Mums...

hi Tracii I have 2 children, one is 3.5 years old and the 2nd is 5 1/2 mths old. I've been living in the Central Coast for 8 mths now, in Ettalong.

Saturday 10 January 10:18am

chey replied to topic C-sect scar

hi westiegirl, I had my 1st c-section 3 1/2 years ago and it took a while for the redness to go away and for it to go flat, probably around 7mths. But, the second time i had a c-sect which was 5 1...

Saturday 10 January 10:07am
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