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LP's Mum

LP's Mum replied to topic How many breastfeeds a day is your 5mnth old having?

Hi Kirsty My DD is 6 months but at 5 months she was having about 5 b/f's a day. Now she is on solids she is having about 4 b/f's a day and two solid meals. Over here they say to feed milk befo...

Tuesday 22 November 08:00am
LP's Mum


Hi Madt We have them. I think they must only be available in NZ. I haven't had any problems with them. My DD is only 5 months and I have been putting them on her for about a month now. I alway...

Saturday 22 October 02:51am
LP's Mum

LP's Mum replied to topic What To Feed A 5 Month Old!!

Hey Sammyjo We got a list from Plunket which is produced by watties, on what foods to give at which age. From 4-6 months you can give the following food: Apple, Apricot, Avocado, Banana, Carrot, K...

Friday 21 October 03:08am
LP's Mum

LP's Mum replied to topic 7 months old doesnt seem interested in solids

Hi Bianca Not sure what you could do as obviously she isn't interested in them. However when I saw our plunket nurse she told me that I shouldn't start DD on solids any later than 6 months as by ...

Friday 21 October 02:59am
LP's Mum

LP's Mum replied to topic Left Handed? Right Handed?

Hi Kylie I'm not sure if my daughter is definitely going to be left handed as she is only 5 months but she does most things with her left hand. She sucks her thumb on her left hand, when she grab...

Friday 07 October 03:06am
LP's Mum

LP's Mum replied to topic When to go to 4 hourly feeds?

Hi Shelly I only have one DD so I'm not really sure how it all works with twins. My DD is just about 5 months and she basically put herself on to 4 hour feeds. She gets up about 7am and will sta...

Friday 07 October 02:58am
LP's Mum

LP's Mum replied to topic Too fussy at bedtime feed

Hey Carra How many feeds is she getting a day? My daughter has about five feeds a day now but the last feed I give her the breast which she has a little bit of and then change her nappy and give ...

Friday 07 October 02:48am
LP's Mum

LP's Mum replied to topic not drinking "enough"

Hey Jodi Your bub doesn't seem that bad in the weight catergory. My bub is 4 months and was 4kg when she was born and now weights 6.5kg. I remember my my telling me that sometimes we (my sister a...

Saturday 01 October 04:33am
LP's Mum

LP's Mum replied to topic Am I fighting a losing battle?

Hey Jen Definitely drink lots of water and take care of yourself to make sure that your body has the ingredients to make the milk. However I'm not sure why baby is fussing or how to help you with ...

Thursday 29 September 02:31pm
LP's Mum

LP's Mum started new topic Freezing Breast milk

Hey all I had been expressing breast milk and freezing it in ice cube trays so that I could use as much or as little as needed. However when I went to defrost some the other night it has this whit...

Monday 26 September 01:44pm
LP's Mum

LP's Mum replied to topic sex

Hi Bess Maybe just taken him by surprise and when you are in bed together just make your move. He might like you to make the first move or he might just want it to be spontaneous. Maybe you could...

Thursday 08 September 04:33am
LP's Mum

LP's Mum started new topic What happens next?

My daughter is now 13 weeks and we are in a good routine (feeding every 3 hours and sleeps 8 - 9 hours at night). However I was wondering what happens next and when. I know that they will stay up...

Wednesday 17 August 05:54am
LP's Mum
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