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Dad2b replied to topic not the daddy

Just being able to talk to you about it and planning a future already I think you will be fine. Nothing will change all depends on bubs and how you both cope, things definitely change unless your u...

Friday 06 June 03:14pm

Dad2b replied to topic the big snip

We went thru the public health system and they have a check list and if you reach there criteria you can get it. things like age of mother, number of kids, complications at birth and health all com...

Friday 06 June 02:43pm

Dad2b replied to topic It´s not always their fault.

Depends on their age but a minimum of 16 per minute. she was doing 16 per minute just, and when I went to recount to make sure I was correct I noticed for the first time her apnoeas, that lasted ...

Thursday 05 June 12:12pm

Dad2b started new topic It´s not always their fault.

Our 3 year old wouldn't stay in her bed and would wake constantly, after 3 months we decided to count how many breaths she took per minute and what we found blew us away. She was having sleep apno...

Friday 30 May 01:28pm

Dad2b replied to topic Nature vs Nurture

unfortunatly thats what we get from having babies, no 2 are the same and they pretty much make up there own patterns. We started using set routines with our 1st she was excellent and was the dream ...

Friday 20 July 07:03am

Dad2b started new topic 5:30 alarm clock

Does anyone have any ideas about how to break our 13 month olds 5:30 wake up time? she sleeps well but the 5:30 wake up is starting to get a bit crazy, she has started to talk/mumbel to herself but...

Thursday 05 July 11:00am

Dad2b replied to topic any1 used safe t sleep product

Dito, as above they are great but doný use them for to long, a angle care movement monitor can help if you are worried about them sleeping on there tums. Good Luck Steve

Thursday 05 July 10:47am

Dad2b replied to topic Please help me!!!!! Going INSANE!

Hi, we are having similar problems, is he teething? we didn't think so until doc said to have a look and a big old mollar was breaking thru pamol helped, if things get to bad see the doctor about ...

Thursday 05 July 10:40am

Dad2b replied to topic Angel Care Monitors

Hi hope you found one, most baby shops sell them or you could try online internet shops that post them out. They are worth there wait in gold. We have only ever had 2 false alarms over 2 babes, b...

Thursday 05 July 10:32am

Dad2b replied to topic Still not happening

Don't give up, we had the same problem and a lady watching me sign in vane told me the same ¨keep trying, one day they will just pick it up¨ and it was true for both of our babes however our second...

Thursday 05 July 10:23am

Dad2b replied to topic NewBorn Vomiting

Hi, I don't want to scare you but please get him checked by a doc, it sounds like reflux but you really need a professional to diagnose what’s going on. our bubs ones were just milky and the midwi...

Tuesday 26 June 10:47am

Dad2b replied to topic Parent's Rooms

Its not so bad, I would let them know were I stand on the subject. I have two little girls which makes it worse, 1 lady told me it was wrong for men to be looking after little girls (I was shoppin...

Monday 25 June 10:08am

Dad2b replied to topic dad pays maintenance to a child he doesnt see...

Some dads do get the short end, a friend of mine got stiched up, when his girlfriend gave birth she left him (and moved to the other side of the country) after he signed the papers, until that day...

Monday 25 June 09:48am

Dad2b started new topic Free stuff

Our baby had a blue episode after chocking on her vomit 5mins after a feed. i did cpr until ambulance brought her back, we found out while in starship that this is very common especially in childre...

Monday 25 June 09:25am

Dad2b replied to topic help just found out my baby has down syndrome

Hi, Hope your all coping in this very stressful time, just thought to pop in this link it´s for the down syndrome site in nz, they have forums ect that may help more than ...

Monday 25 June 09:12am

Dad2b replied to topic Not enjoying breastfeeding - feeling guilty.

Hi, hope your feeling better as everyone else has said don't feel guilty, our first bubs was breast feed but at 9 days our second due to complications was put on formula until now and shes on cows ...

Monday 25 June 05:46am

Dad2b replied to topic Help me with solids!!!

Hi, we started with runny farex and /or runny pumpkin before and after bottles they don't take much to start with (1/2 - 2 teaspoons)but they soon get the idea. Our 2.8yr old still gets a bottle ...

Monday 11 June 11:25am

Dad2b replied to topic What do you use for eczema?????

Hi we started using lucas paw paw ointment on our 2 yr olds thumb (and other parts) as it's safe for them to lick or eat so i would recommend you try that first, but every child is unique so it may...

Sunday 03 December 02:06am

Dad2b replied to topic What do you use for eczema?????

Hi Just found the gretest thing ever "lucas papaw ointment" our 2 yr old has used everything under the sun and we have only just found it. the great thing is you can put it on their face and thumb ...

Saturday 21 October 05:43am

Dad2b replied to topic where can the daddys chat

Boys will be boys, Tell him to get a login and start up a forum there's plenty of us watching who would love to chat. I havn't found many places to chat to other dads about our better halves, or ou...

Monday 16 October 12:43pm
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