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sunny1 replied to topic What is it this week?

my daughter dances to Spongebob Squarepants. She doesn't actually watch the show but as soon as she hears the music it's a mad dash for the tv and she stands there bobbing up and down until it stop...

Friday 11 February 06:19am

sunny1 started new topic rashes....

Hi All, My 15 month old is covered from head to toe in the most awful rash. The strange thing is, she is not scratching, has no temperature, is still eating, is not screaming or grizzling, and gen...

Wednesday 09 February 05:39pm

sunny1 replied to topic outgrown baby clothes

hey maria, I have used ebay, and sold a lot of bub's clothes that way. It was really easy to set up and I made a reasonable profit. Also I have found quite a few bargains on ebay as well. Sometime...

Tuesday 13 July 04:25am

sunny1 replied to topic post natal depression, what are the signs/symptoms

get help! I did and am starting to feel better, but if I had listened to others I may never have done it. I was told that it's just tiredness etc..... but it turned out to be a bit more than that. ...

Saturday 26 June 05:27am

sunny1 replied to topic Not crawling

My little girl is nearly 9 mths and has been doing the 'bum-shuffle' for a few weeks now. She also rolls onto her tummy and pushes backwards. Her face is really funny when she realizes she is getti...

Saturday 26 June 04:17am

sunny1 replied to topic how much sleep?

hi Larissa, I can relate to your situation as I have a 2.5mth old doing the same thing, except she has been like it since birth. Neisha has reflux and so I spend a lot of time walking and rocking ...

Wednesday 24 December 03:35pm
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