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Hi Sarah20, I exactly know what ur going throught!!!! In 36 weeks pregnant and i really want this baby out!! It's my first child and im really excited because me and my husband are dying to hol...

Tuesday 24 February 11:35am

mdebono replied to topic help and/or advice needed

Hi Alecia, I thing i can only say one word to u @ the moment: R E L A X !!!!!! i know the labour part is the most agonising part because you dont know what is going to happen, but i know thats the...

Wednesday 18 February 03:16pm

mdebono replied to topic Please Help!!

Hi Rebecca, I think when the baby grows up, she should make up her mind into what she would like to call her/him. I remember when my niece was born, i refused for her to call me Auntie. Then when...

Wednesday 18 February 03:06pm

mdebono replied to topic Just new and a bit scared

Hi Expecting, Im 25 years and 35 weeks pregnant. I remember being in the exact state of mind like you. Some advice people gave me was 'Don't Worry'. and that was the best advice because if you wor...

Wednesday 18 February 02:56pm

mdebono replied to topic My Induction

I have been told that my baby is going to be born 2 weeks early because she is on the big side and they thing she will be the 8 pound mark. In excited that she is going to be here sooner, but im ...

Wednesday 18 February 02:39pm
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