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S&C replied to topic Girls name help pls!!

I LOVE Erica. Very cute for a baby and very classy for when she is older. I think Erica Kate is beautiful.

Monday 08 February 01:44pm

S&C replied to topic Middle Name for CHARLIE

Our DS is Charlie Felix.

Monday 01 February 04:20pm

S&C replied to topic COME! Lets make a list of our kiddies names!

Austin x1 Brayden x1 ( I was suprised not to see anymore Brayden's here) Logan Jesikah Victoria Matilda Aiden Evony Lilly x2 Izaak x2 (and same spelling) Kyan Gracie Jasmine Mahalia Jemma-lee Dylan...

Wednesday 20 January 05:30pm

S&C replied to topic Is Isla too popular? Opinions please...

My DD is Isla Claire - we love it. We keep hearing how popular it is apparently becomming but I do not know (or even know of)any others.

Wednesday 20 January 05:26pm

S&C replied to topic What are YOUR childrens names?

BOYS NAMES Joshua Noah Keith Kai Mitchell Kyan Nicholas (pronouced like Ryan but with a K) Dylan Jack Oliver Paul Logan Mark Tyler Malakai Declan Charles Noah Rhiley Owen Charlie Alex James Lachlan...

Monday 11 January 12:20pm

S&C replied to topic Best way to spell

As you can see from my sig, we love the name Isla. It's funny, everyone keeps telling me how popular it is getting, but I still don't know any others.

Wednesday 21 October 06:19am

S&C replied to topic Charlie (boy's name) is it too common

Hi My DS is Charlie Felix and so far, we haven't found it to be too common at all. He is the only Charlie at his daycare and we don't actually know any others. By the way I LOVE Erin for a girl. ...

Tuesday 06 October 11:51am

S&C replied to topic This is becoming quiet ridiculous

I LOVE the name Isla - my DD is Isla Claire. I keep hearing that it is getting poular but I don't know any others and am always asked to repeat it and have people comment on how unusual - and prett...

Saturday 26 September 05:08pm

S&C replied to topic how many words at 14 months?

Hi there, my DD is the same. She only started saying mum this weekend (along with taking her first steps - only 5 but it's a start!). She also says dad but not much anymore and I am not convinced i...

Monday 10 August 03:03pm

S&C replied to topic Favourite Names

Kate Helen or Hugo Al exander

Sunday 09 August 05:26pm

S&C replied to topic On the topic of names

oops sorry wrong thread!

Sunday 09 August 05:25pm

S&C replied to topic On the topic of names

I would use Kate Helen or Hugo Alexander

Sunday 09 August 05:25pm

S&C replied to topic Balance Bikes

Thanks for the replies. I am beginning to think 3.5 will be too late to really get my money's worh - although i guess DD will also be able to use it. Jennib, I think 20 months would be a better ag...

Monday 20 July 05:15pm

S&C started new topic Balance Bikes

Just wondering if anyone has one of those balance bikes for their kids. I am thinking of getting one for DS for Xmas. He will be 3.5 but I am not sure if he will be too big and whether I should jus...

Monday 20 July 02:06pm

S&C replied to topic Tell us your name!

We have: Sally Alison (me) Dimity Emma (sis) Jennifer Robyn (mum) Isla Claire (DD) Holly Lourdes (niece) Anneliese Brooke (niece) Adam Geoffrey (DH) Charlie Felix (DS) Eric William (dad) Joshua...

Wednesday 15 July 03:51am

S&C replied to topic Appt @ Childrens UPDATE with pic lol

Hi there Just wanted to let you know that my DS had exactly the same thig. Around 3 months we were sent for brain scan and it turned out he did have too much fluid (benign hydrocephalus). It was p...

Saturday 27 June 04:22am

S&C replied to topic fussy eaters BEWARE!!!

I also tried these tonight and they went down a treat. DS even asked for more. I am sure he would have been mortified if he had realised they had peas, corn, carrot, zucchini and spinach in them lol

Tuesday 10 February 05:56pm

S&C replied to topic for those whose kids sleep through

Most of the time DD is quiet all night long. We actually both wake up panicking that something is wrong if she does stir through the night. Very lucky I know. Hope your DD sleeps thru for you soon.

Thursday 05 February 06:41pm

S&C replied to topic toddler development

Hi Denae Your DS sounds a bit like mine who is now 32 months. When DS was 2 he only had about 10 words and some of them weren't really even said properly and he had never put 2 words together. His...

Thursday 05 February 02:40pm

S&C replied to topic I am at a loss!

Just wanted to add we have a potty, tushie cushie and step system.... he liked the tushi cushie (you can also get this as a travelling one) but now likes to perch himself on the toilet and hold on ...

Saturday 24 January 08:42pm
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