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Belle replied to topic Most indispensible baby accessories & Equipment

Baby change pad. Used it on the change table, on a chest of drawers, when travelling and now on the bed as my son is now a toddler. Baby bath sling (i think its called a bath eze.) Great because...

Wednesday 19 October 03:16pm

Belle replied to topic Stokke Sleepi Cot - Comments Please

Choice did a review of the cot and i dont think it came out too well. Something about head and finger entrapment potential. May be best for you to check this out

Wednesday 19 October 02:41pm

Belle replied to topic Automatic Breast pump Brands?

You could buy the new Avent Isis Electric double pump from overseas. Im sure you could find it on ebay and just buy a power adaptor. Theyre meant to be fantastic. A girlfriend of mine in London h...

Wednesday 19 October 02:10pm

Belle replied to topic Double stroller (mainly for walking) - DS 16 kg!

WHatever you do, dont get a side by side pram for a newborn and a toddler. You'll be turning in circles! And the wear and tear they suffer is enormous! Your best bet would be to get a Phil & Ted...

Wednesday 19 October 02:03pm

Belle replied to topic Bugaboo Frog Pram Stroller

The Bugaboo Frog is a fantastic pram. Well worth $1400 It is so versatile and easy to use! You can even take it hiking, to the beach or even in the snow! And you truely can use it from birth to 4...

Wednesday 19 October 01:46pm

Belle replied to topic quinny

cant tell you too much about them except that some of them are incredibly light weight and compact well worth the extra $$ im told

Monday 17 October 01:54pm

Belle replied to topic Tommee Tippee Breast Pumps ... Question ???

The Tommee Tippee breast pump will not fit with Avent bottles. They are designed this way so that you have to stick to the one brand! The Avent breast pump is the more highly recommended of the t...

Monday 17 October 10:02am

Belle replied to topic Young Mums in Logan

Hi Alicia, I too am a young mum in Logan. My son, Caelan is nearly 15months old and we live at Daisyhill. How are you going with everything? I am now a full time student studying at Logan Tafe a...

Sunday 27 March 04:28pm

Belle replied to topic Thyroid Disease

hi all. thanks for reading and replying to this post. It has been a very difficult journey with this silly thyroid thing but i have finally overcome my weight gain and most of my hair loss. I hav...

Sunday 27 March 04:15pm

Belle replied to topic Responsibility

Hi all, Have made the decision to not persue contact from my sons Dad. I think this is for the best as then there is no threat to myself or DS from Him or his parents. It is a long hard road that...

Sunday 27 March 04:11pm

Belle replied to topic Father does not want to see her........ ever!

Hi everyone, My sons father threatened to run me over in his van when i was 6 months pregnant. He still refuses to believe that Caelan is his son and has never seen him. I ran into him once in t...

Monday 03 January 12:06pm

Belle replied to topic Thyroid Disease

Hey everyone, I had the same problem. The doctor told me its all hormones and stuff from being pregnant. However mine didnt stop, it has only slowed and my son is 9 months old. It turns out that ...

Tuesday 26 October 02:45pm

Belle started new topic Thyroid Disease

Does anyone else on here suffer Thyroid disease. Mainly Hypothyroidism (underactive) I have posted in Hair Yucky and Falling Out. Please be sure to read it and get back to me as there are so many...

Tuesday 26 October 02:32pm

Belle replied to topic New member looking for mums in Logan area

Hi Karen, I live in Daisyhill and i have a 9 month old son. I too dont have many friends with children, though thats because of my age (im 19) I am also working part-time so I dont get much of a ...

Monday 25 October 06:00pm

Belle started new topic Early waking baby -I'm a single working parent

Could you please suggest ways of getting my 9 1/2 month old son to sleep in a little bit in the morning? I am going crazy because my son wakes between 4:30 and 5pm. As I am now back at work, I r...

Monday 25 October 05:57pm

Belle replied to topic Early Riser: Help!

Kristina, I was the same for my parents except that my wake up time was 4 am and no matter what they did, i just wouldnt go back to sleep. THis is going to sound a little strange but by 20 months...

Sunday 10 October 07:55am

Belle replied to topic E-mail Pals

Hi motherkath, My name is Belle, im 18 and im 20 weeks pregnant with my first child. I also live in Daisyhill. So far ive had a great pregnancy and my Ob says that things are moving along nicely....

Wednesday 27 August 02:58pm

Belle started new topic Responsibility

Is it just me or are guys getting more and more selfish these days? Im 20 weeks pregnant today and the father of my unborn baby boy wants 'father unknown' put on the birth certificate. If i dont,...

Wednesday 27 August 02:51pm

Belle replied to topic Young Mums

Im Belle, Im 18 y.o. now but i fell preggers at 17 and im 17 weeks pregnant. The father is in complete denial and refuses to have anything to do with the child. My parents are great and so are m...

Thursday 07 August 03:16pm
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