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two girls

two girls started new topic Air travel at 30 weeks

Hi, I would like to know how safe it is to fly at about 30 weeks. We would love to go to Phuket for a weeks holiday before baby no 3 is born. My pregnancy has been great with no problems and both ...

Wednesday 07 June 05:01pm
two girls

two girls started new topic In 2 minds about having a third child

We are talking about having a third, and I would love some feedback from Mums who have 3 or more

Thursday 13 January 06:37pm
two girls

two girls replied to topic 15 month old behaviour problems

Hi Melissa, I've got a 17mth old who does the same things, she has been known to bite, whack you in the face when you're holding her, and puls hair. She has a 3 year old sister who she does this ...

Sunday 31 October 08:19pm
two girls

two girls replied to topic Pregnant with number 2 need advice with toddler

Hi there, My two girls are 21 mths apart and I was amazed at how well Tahlua took to the new babe, I just made sure she was included in little jobs to do with baby and made sure she had things to ...

Sunday 31 October 07:58pm
two girls

two girls replied to topic toilet training

My daughter is 3 now but when she was toilet training, she did the same thing. I had to give it a rest for a while, but every now and then I'd just try again, then she went through a stage where s...

Sunday 31 October 07:23pm
two girls
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