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ap200022 started new topic Blocked Tear duct (sticky eye)

Hi, My sisters 9 mths old has a blocked tear duct in his left eye which releases a yellow discharge. The Dr has advised her that it should clear by the time he is 12 mths, but just wondering if an...

Tuesday 12 July 12:53pm

ap200022 started new topic Prams

Hi, Can anyone recommend a pram for twins, and do u recommend side by side or tandem (one behind the other)?

Tuesday 12 July 08:23am

ap200022 replied to topic is this normal??

Hi Janey, I am 13 wks and yesterday I noticed the exact same colour discharge, I was wondering what ur Dr had to say about this?

Tuesday 12 July 08:15am

ap200022 started new topic Twins

Hi, I am expecting twins in Jan, can anyone out there recommend any helpful books, websites to read? Thanks, Ally

Tuesday 12 July 08:01am
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