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CC replied to topic Recipe request for dairy snack - like Yogo

thanks all, have made some custard with store bought custard powder and it went down quite well! I remember using junket at school in home economics, had a quick look in the supermarket but couldn'...

Sunday 06 August 10:52am

CC replied to topic help with kids beds

Hi vkw, depending on your budget, beds with storage drawers can be quite expensive. We bought our son his "big" bed (single) earlier in the year when he was 3 1/2 from Sleeping Giant (Penrith) with...

Tuesday 01 August 11:27am

CC started new topic Recipe request for dairy snack - like Yogo

Hi all, does anyone have a good recipe for a dairy snack (like Yogo, etc) that I can make. After a dairy snack other than yogurt/cheese/milk that I can make for something different for my toddler. ...

Tuesday 01 August 11:17am

CC started new topic Potty or big toilet?

Hi all, I'm a first time mum to a 28 month old little boy. I haven't even attempted toilet training - I did pop him on the big toilet once before a bath and he freaked out, so I've left it since th...

Wednesday 03 November 12:19pm

CC replied to topic Waking through the night

Hi, I have a 21month old too, although I don't have the problem you do. I would suggest making sure there are no toys in his cot and that his room is dark. If he gets upset, I would try leaving him...

Saturday 28 February 07:40pm

CC replied to topic What Did You Buy For First Birthday????

Hi Chris, truth is - your little boy will probably be given so much stuff from friends and family that you won't need to worry too much. They don't know who gave what. We bought our son a Fisher Pr...

Saturday 28 February 07:29pm

CC started new topic do toddlers eat salad?

I have to admit that I haven't actually given this a real attempt, but just occasionally I have offered my 20mth old a piece of lettuce or tomato and he spits it straight out (we have some texture ...

Wednesday 25 February 12:47pm

CC started new topic When to start using a pillow

My 20month old sleeps fine with no problems. I've been wondering lately if I should get him one of those baby pillows for his cot. Is it better for their neck? Will it stop him moving all over the ...

Wednesday 25 February 12:39pm
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