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makalu replied to topic Won't sleep alone

Hi, Firstly I'd think about if anything is bothering her. Does she have teeth coming through, nappy rash, a cold etc. Or has she just learnt a new skill (sitting?). These things all can interr...

Sunday 19 November 11:53am

makalu replied to topic 16 month old constantly squinting!

Hi Personally I don't think people can tell you the answer here. I think it could be either. Toddlers can just have weird little habits or there could be a medical reason it's happening...

Sunday 19 November 08:37am

makalu replied to topic is 'lily' too popular now in nz?

Hi I always planned to call my future little girl Lillian with the nickname lily however I had the same concerns. I had a baby girl at the end of last year and decided against using the name for e...

Saturday 16 September 09:53am

makalu replied to topic First Response White Line

I don't think a white line is positive. You see them sometimes if your urine is pretty concentrated and it slightly changes the colour of them test stick everywhere except where they put the c...

Wednesday 30 August 02:08pm

makalu replied to topic Introducing a bottle

I recently returned to work part time m when my bub was 6 months. We had the same problem. She thought the bottle was great to chew on and rather fun to play with but had no idea how to use it. We...

Saturday 26 August 05:29am

makalu started new topic Low Fundal Height Measurement

If your bump has been normal size until now and this is the first time you've measured small it might just be that you bub has dropped down into your pelvis in preparation for birth. So I woul...

Monday 21 August 03:30pm

makalu replied to topic Backpack or Purse Nappy Bag?

Personally I'd let your sister choose. Show her the ones you're thinking of online then get the one she wants. A nappy bag is something she's going to use multiple times a day for ...

Saturday 29 July 08:09pm

makalu replied to topic spray on nappy rash treatment

Personally spray on nappy rash cream sounds like a terrible idea. Youre going to get the occasional spray in the direction of their face and they'll inhale not just the cream but the propellan...

Thursday 27 July 06:48am

makalu replied to topic Itchy while pregnant

Hi I think you need to find a doctor who will take time to listen to your concerns. Firstly phenergan is a category C medication meaning it should not be used in pregnancy. Unless a doctor has a...

Thursday 20 July 08:47am

makalu replied to topic Baby nearly chocking all the time when feeding at 8months

Hi Are you sure your baby is choking and not just gagging? There's a big difference as choking is dangerous whereas gagging is not. A lot of babies gag when learning to deal with more texture...

Friday 07 July 08:18am

makalu replied to topic Birthing with a fractured pelvis

Hi I think this is something only your doctor can help with. There's so many different ways someone can fracture a pelvis and can range from either minor to severe injuries so it's very ...

Monday 03 July 02:38pm

makalu replied to topic C-section guilt and fear

Aw hugs. I remember feeling exactly the same after my first child. I was hoping for a natural birth too but ended up with a forceps delivery and required an emergency operation after the birth so...

Saturday 01 July 08:09pm

makalu replied to topic Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT) -can someone help me to interpret the results?

I only see the initial reading in your post not the 2nd and 3rd reading so not sure what they were. It doesn't matter how fit and healthy a person is, they can develop GD. I guess if your w...

Sunday 18 June 08:26am

makalu replied to topic Rosehips for 6 month old?

I've not done it and I've never heard of anyone doing such a thing. Personally I'd check with a midwife or child health nurse or a GP before doing something like that. Or if you ...

Friday 16 June 06:30pm

makalu replied to topic Help! Upset newborn

Just a quick message to the original poster. There's a lot of people who come on this forum and pretend to be parents to advertise products. I've been on here long enough to see magic tea...

Thursday 15 June 06:50am

makalu replied to topic Help! Upset newborn

I wouldn't worry about the duration of feeds. As long as he has plenty of wet nappies he's getting enough milk. He might just be getting more efficient at feeding or your let down might b...

Thursday 08 June 02:30pm

makalu replied to topic Is there nappies specially made for premature babies?

I had the same problem with one of my bubs. Most pharmacies stock preemie nappies (no supermarkets do so don't bother looking there). I'd just call your local pharmacy and check if they h...

Friday 19 May 05:41am

makalu replied to topic Public or Private?

Hi I went public with my first and private with my second. My first birth was terrible due to complications but the staff and facilities were great. I only went private for the second time as I kn...

Friday 19 May 05:36am

makalu replied to topic Vaporiser

Ya so with my son I literally just squirted a few drops up his nose. I only do one side at a time. It's a bit tricky and they usually end up covered in milk hence why I now with my daughter (4...

Tuesday 25 April 12:10pm

makalu replied to topic Vaporiser

Sorry couldn't quite work out from your post what you meant. Is it a dry crusty nose he has making it hard to breathe? Personally I've found with my two kids that saline drops or a small...

Tuesday 25 April 08:30am
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