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jossy started new topic 16 mnth old intimidated by other kids

My little one has always been around other kids and usually is pretty happy and social. For about 2 months now though he has been incredibly intimidated by other kids. We have lots of friends wit...

Tuesday 14 March 02:34pm

jossy started new topic Bambaloo Merchandise

Hi Everyone My little boy (1 yr) absolutely loves Bambaloo. I would love to get him something Bambaloo for xmas but all I have been able to find is a DVD (which he already has). Does anyone know...

Friday 28 October 08:35am

jossy started new topic Best Sippy Cup

My 11 month old has decided that he does not want to breast feed any longer, he will only take a morning feed. He will take milk from a bottle but I dont really want to wean on to a bottle as it m...

Thursday 13 October 01:22pm

jossy replied to topic Eye Infection?

My nephew has just been put on a course of antibiotics for conjunctivitis. His eyes were very red and itchy also puffy. My sis bought some drops from the pharmacy which seemed to aggravate the pr...

Monday 03 October 09:04am

jossy replied to topic sleeping on tummy

Hi Tanya My son was also a tummy sleeper when he was little, he's now 10 months and sleeps every which way. I also tried the gadget with foam triangles at each side to stop them rolling but he wo...

Sunday 02 October 08:55am

jossy started new topic At what age do babes go to one sleep a day

My son is 10 months now and is having one 2 hour sleep in the morning and just a 45 min sleep in the arvo. What age did your bub start having only one nap and around what time of the day was it? ...

Friday 16 September 08:14am

jossy replied to topic Daycare

All day care centres have to meet quite strict regulations in terms of cleanliness, food, staff to child ratio etc so for me I was looking for somewhere that I felt comfortable with the environment...

Friday 02 September 07:09am

jossy started new topic Should I be worried?

My son is now 9.5 months and still only weighs 7.3kg, he is below the bottom percentile in the growth charts. The CHN said to weigh again at 10 months and just monitor but when I took him to the d...

Wednesday 31 August 12:44pm

jossy replied to topic Chewing on cot

What about covering it with fabric or something so he doesn't hurt his teeth? It would be very hard to stop him from doing it so I would just try and prevent him from hurting himself...

Saturday 16 July 07:28am

jossy replied to topic Embryos on ice????

Hi Susan We also have about 10 frozen embryos, we had 3 IVF attempts which failed before conceiving naturally with our 8 mo old son. I made the decision to keep them frozen as I want the security...

Friday 08 July 07:49am

jossy replied to topic Middle Ear Infection

I'm also interested in avoiding middle ear infections. My son is 7 1/2 mo and has already had one bout of it. I have also heard that swimming may cause it - my son started swimming lessons at 10 ...

Tuesday 28 June 07:36am

jossy replied to topic mums with 6 month old babies

Hi there, My boy is 6 months and has 4 or 5 feeds a day (breastfed). One early morn then at b'fast, lunch, afternoon and before bed as well as 3 solids meals a day.

Sunday 26 June 10:11am

jossy replied to topic Scorpio Babys

Hi Sarah's Mum My little boy was born on the 19th of November 2004 so is also a scorpion. He has just passed 7 months and has 2 teeth and has just started to crawl and sit up. Its all happening ...

Sunday 26 June 10:09am

jossy started new topic Mild Cerebral Palsy

Hi, My 7 month old nephew was diagnosed with mild CP at 4 months old. He is progressing really well with his physio and we are already starting to see that he is opening his affected hand more and...

Thursday 16 June 07:13am

jossy started new topic Help for new mums

Please see message in the promote your business category.

Tuesday 31 May 07:46am
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