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SmallTownYoungMum replied to topic Sleeping bags

I brought the Inventa ones and they are great!!! Can unzip the mesh bits on the front and back when its slightly warmer but are still 2.5 tog for the cold. They were WAY cheaper then most of the ot...

Tuesday 18 August 08:36pm

SmallTownYoungMum replied to topic Day sleeps

Our 14 week old has little naps (30min - 45min) wherever he happens to be at the time throughout the day. We just leave him where he is (except the car obviously). Sometimes its on his playmat, som...

Tuesday 18 August 08:29pm

SmallTownYoungMum replied to topic Looking for reviews from other mums on Love to Dream swaddles.

I use the Love to Dream sleeping bags and find them really good quality and WAY cheaper then Grobags.

Tuesday 18 August 08:21pm

SmallTownYoungMum started new topic Is my baby too fat?

Ive had a few people tell me that babies can eat as much as they want and be as big as they want and still be healthy and others say my little man is getting too big too fast and to cut his bottles...

Tuesday 18 August 08:18pm
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