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sarahed replied to topic Any one from or near Mildura??

Hi, My husband has just landed a new job in Mildura. We are moving there first week of July from Mount Gambier, SA. We have two boys, 3y9m and 19m.

Tuesday 06 June 05:55pm

sarahed replied to topic 3yr Old present at birth of No2

I had plenty of family to look after No 1 while having No 2, so this issue didn't arise for me, but you did get me thinking. Have you talked to the midwives at the hospital? surely they have seen ...

Tuesday 11 April 04:26pm

sarahed replied to topic Help 15mont old WON'T eat Meals

My son is 17months, and eats next to nothing. He looks healthy, is growing and is very, very active. He won't let me feed him - so whatever he eats has to be eaten without help. He will eat yoghu...

Tuesday 11 April 04:09pm

sarahed replied to topic Belly rumbles grumbles!

My guess is she is hungry and is too sleepy to figure it out. I often have to give my 15 month old son weetbix at 3am then back to bed. Once he has a full belly he goes straight back to sleep and ...

Wednesday 08 February 07:29pm

sarahed replied to topic one year old tarted hating vegies and lumps

My son is 15 months and hates lumps. Anything that sticks in his molars is out - so we have reverted back to mash that he can swallow without chewing. Finger food is OK if it is exciting (ie biscu...

Wednesday 08 February 07:21pm

sarahed replied to topic how old to start boys?

I have two boys, 3 and 1. Wait for summer, remove pants and stay outside. He will learn where the wee comes from and he can practice his aim. My eldest announced he was not wearing nappies shor...

Thursday 08 December 01:48pm

sarahed replied to topic Words used inappropriately

We have the same problem with our 3 year old. His word of the day is Stinky Dink. I told him I don't like his nasty words, and other people don't either. This has no effect. I have threatened washi...

Thursday 08 December 01:34pm

sarahed replied to topic Help, hates lumps!

Slow down, your baby is still young. My son is 11 months and only really only just starting to get the hang of chewing and swallowing lumps. He cut four top teeth between 9 and 10 months and would...

Wednesday 12 October 06:02am

sarahed replied to topic Talipes (Club Foot)

Hi My brother was born with a club foot (one of the worse cases they had seen) - 32 years ago. He was lucky to be born in Adelaide where they were just pioneering the techniques they use today. I ...

Monday 03 October 06:55pm

sarahed replied to topic Pillows

Hi I don't know what the recommendations are, but My first son was 1 year old before I gave him a pillow (flat toddler size). My second son went through a week of not being able to settle at 8 ...

Monday 03 October 06:39pm

sarahed replied to topic Anyone else feel like they have baby attatched to hip 24/7?

HI Both my boys went through similar stages. I developed a really sore shoulder when my 1st son was 5 months, so sore it had me in tears. Right now my second son seems to be attached to my leg whe...

Monday 03 October 06:13pm

sarahed replied to topic Walking... How old?

Hi Aren't they all different. My 1st son walked the week before his 1st birthday. Very steady, no wobbles or falls. My 2nd son walked at 10 months (he's now 11 months). Propels himself as fast a...

Monday 03 October 05:55pm

sarahed replied to topic See if this is true

Son #1 was pretty active, especially at 3 in the morning. I went into labour at 3 in the morning, he used to feed at that time, have to be resettled at that time. But has always been a good reliabl...

Friday 23 September 12:07pm

sarahed replied to topic Getting rid of the Dummy...

My son was two when he gave his dummy to the rubbish truck. We sat on the step and waved it goodbye. He asked for it that night, but when I reminded him it was gone, he just rolled over and went to...

Wednesday 14 September 08:06am

sarahed replied to topic Fave Recipe?

400g minced or diced chicken 1 310g can of creamed corn 1/2 frozen peas 1/2 diced pumpkin water brown chicken, add creamed corn and other vegies and a dash of water. Simmer until vegies are soft....

Wednesday 14 September 08:03am

sarahed replied to topic Meat cooking ideas

I always cook the same food as we eat, and save Toby's portion for the next night as he often eats earlier then us. It doesn't take much extra effort to modify our meal to suit him. If we have ch...

Saturday 03 September 04:26pm

sarahed replied to topic fussy eater

How long do you wait after bottle before offering food? My son refused solid food unless he was really, really hungry. If he'd had a bottle or BF, I had to wait at least 3 hours before he would co...

Saturday 03 September 04:12pm

sarahed replied to topic Bottle, and MIXED SIGNALS... just dont know what to do, so confused?!

With my first child I found that BF in the morning when supply is good. Mid-morning bottle, lunch BF, mid-afternoon bottle, dinner BF, late night bottle worked for me. 3 hour feeds. With my second...

Saturday 03 September 04:04pm

sarahed started new topic 10 months and won't look at finger food.

My son is 10 months old, eats a huge variety of food - as long as it's mashed and on a spoon. Every day I offer him different finger food -I even split the toast with his older brother but he just...

Saturday 03 September 09:02am

sarahed replied to topic Grinding Teeth

My older son did this too, a lot. I got really worried about it and took him to the dentist . I was told that children do this when they are getting teeth, it is an exploratory thing. Most childre...

Saturday 03 September 08:51am
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