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RachWA started new topic How good is wireless internet!!!

My husband is out, the kids are in bed and we have just for wireless internet. I am getting to read and post on huggies and watch Heroes at the same time!!! This also means that my husband will no...

Thursday 28 June 06:52pm

RachWA replied to topic Chinese Birth Chart - Gender Predictor

I think the chinese birth chart is pretty precise. It was correct for both mine and having tested it on about 30 friends 2 or 3 were wrong. You just need to be careful with some many on the intern...

Thursday 28 June 06:47pm

RachWA started new topic Good Play Grounds in Perth

I have recently been to the Lotteries West Playground near Sticky Beaks Cafe in Kings Park for the 1st time and it is terrific. There is such a wide variety of play equipment for all ages. The Caf...

Thursday 28 June 06:43pm

RachWA replied to topic anyone with children with allergys or know children with allergys

My son was anaphaytic to dairy and we did a few occurences of this. Just past his 3rd bday we had a negative skin prick test and follow up dairy challenge that came back clear!!! He now able to dri...

Thursday 28 June 06:36pm

RachWA replied to topic To have a 3rd child or not?

I also have a boy and girl and people are often surprised (and often very opininated I still want another.) Before baby #2 came along my husband agreed on 3 but now he is not so sure. It is very ti...

Thursday 28 June 06:25pm

RachWA replied to topic Freckles!

My 18 month also has red hair and a number of freckles across her cheeks. My 3yo son is mousy brown and has a few more then her but has got them more recenlty. I have lots of freckles on my face b...

Thursday 28 June 06:11pm

RachWA replied to topic How to cope with her asthma

My son was diagnosed with broncilitis at 9months and given a low dose non steroid preventer but were told that a proper dignosis and treatment could not be given until 2 as not medication was avail...

Thursday 28 June 06:06pm

RachWA replied to topic Floppy Airway (Tracheomalacia)

I was also told this for my now almost 4yo. He suffered ear and chest infections constanltly and had a croup a number of times. He has a cough since the day he was born that gradually got worse and...

Thursday 28 June 05:56pm

RachWA replied to topic Waking in night since started rolling.

No advice - but you have got me thinking my dd started waking for a 2nd feed at night after months of either sleeping thru or usually one feed, it would also have been about the time she started ro...

Wednesday 30 August 06:18pm

RachWA replied to topic Allergic reaction to formula

The s26 babies with allergies formula is only useful if you use it the first time and the baby has not been exposed to dairy (inc cheese yoghurt etc). The first exposure tirggers the reaction and t...

Wednesday 30 August 06:11pm

RachWA replied to topic New to Perth & Bibra Lake

Thomson Lakes Medical is good for children no matter what Dr they always fit them but you also need to be prepared for the wait because of this. They do bulk bill for all immunisations. I have also...

Wednesday 21 June 06:16pm

RachWA replied to topic grommetts

my son almost 2.5 had repeated ear infections last winter and we discussed grommets with an ENT spec. Over summer he didn't have any infections so we thought we were in the clear until just recentl...

Thursday 18 May 12:38pm

RachWA replied to topic How do i get my breastfeed baby to start taking formula??

My son was the same. I gave him 1/4 formula to 3/4 ebm and gradually over one month up the formula until one day he just decided to take the all formula. He also would only take the bottle from d...

Thursday 18 May 12:34pm

RachWA replied to topic Christening / naming ceremonys

Both my children are baptised catholic. One godparent has to be catholic, although you can have more than 2. Also you can have them by proxy if not able to make the ceremony (someone does have to s...

Tuesday 18 April 07:49pm

RachWA replied to topic second-hand pump OK?

I got an avent pump on ebay - just sterlised in Milton and washed in hot soapy water and then ran boiled water. A friend also borrowed this from me.

Thursday 23 March 11:19pm

RachWA replied to topic The Wiggles !!

Hi Mel - Had a really good time last Friday and can not believe they are two this week already!!! Jacob has the Safari Wiggles DVD with Steve Irwin and Australia Zoo and loves it. Lots of singing ...

Tuesday 31 January 12:09pm

RachWA started new topic Hiccups ?

Does anyone have cures for hiccups? My 3 week old gets them quite often and they last up to 30 minutes. In the early morning they seem to wake her up and it is taking 1-2 hours to get her back to ...

Tuesday 31 January 11:32am

RachWA replied to topic Colic

Have not tried the one for colic but did try their cough one. I found this pretty useless but the pharmacist did mention that because all brauer products and naturopath you need to follow the instr...

Tuesday 31 January 11:28am

RachWA started new topic Party Food Ideas

Needing to take a plate of party food to a get together for two year olds and have no idea what? Could we start a thread on easy (and I mean EASY) party food ideas? Thankyou

Friday 27 January 05:44pm

RachWA started new topic Baby Girl!!!!

Announcing the birth of my daughter Kate Helen on 10th January 2006. Brother to Jacob. Born 7 pound 13 ounce (exactly same as Jacob) at 9.08am at Woodside MaternityHosp (East Fremantle WA) which is...

Wednesday 25 January 09:28pm
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