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sahithya replied to topic Do your kids do chores?

Tasks make your kids follow a routine and discipline them. They get to understand the need to contribute at home and at the same time they become independent to a certain extent. But what chores ca...

Tuesday 25 October 03:52pm

sahithya replied to topic Ideas for Fussy 3 Year Old

It is very important for the parents to know what exactly they need to feed their kids. They should have a perfect food guide to keep their kids healthy. I suggest to follow the food guide pyramid ...

Wednesday 27 July 06:56pm

sahithya replied to topic Worming of Children

Worms in childrencan cause a loss of appetite, fever, coughing, nausea, tiredness, a painful or even distended tummy etc. Get your child eat unripe papaya. Papaya contains caricin that can help r...

Tuesday 08 March 08:06pm

sahithya replied to topic my toddler has bad breath (sometimes) and my mother says he has a swollen mouth

If your kid sleeps with her mouth open, this situation can be even worse. New bacteria can easily find their way into your child’s mouth. This is an optimum setup for the bacteria to work and repro...

Monday 30 November 04:53pm

sahithya replied to topic I've put on 5kg and am only 8wks along. :-O

These are quite common during pregnancy, but you have to strictly avoid unhealthy foods as this effects on your baby.

Monday 18 May 03:42pm

sahithya replied to topic Nawwwww and the royal princess has just been named......what a gorgeous name!!!

Charlotte name is beautiful. And, the meaning of the name Charlotte is: Feminine manly.

Monday 18 May 03:34pm

sahithya replied to topic What are the rules??

If you really not feeling good to name your son with that same name, you can go for some other one. There are many sources available online to find the names. As you think, your son may not feel co...

Wednesday 13 May 04:56pm

sahithya replied to topic HELP- baby boy names! Having baby this week

I like Arley among all the names, I also would like to suggest few: Ardsly Arty Arvy Archy Ardley Arny Ardsley

Wednesday 22 April 08:03pm

sahithya replied to topic 6 wks pregnant, spotting.

Brown discharge is common for pregnant women. Brown bleeding could be a sign of miscarriage or may even result from a condition that is unrelated to the pregnancy. It is suggested to consult your d...

Friday 10 April 04:58pm

sahithya replied to topic Your Pregnancy Tips

Some pregnancy tips: Have a balanced diet during pregnancy Water Intake should be more Maintain an active lifestyle, with regular, brisk walking schedules Do some exercises daily(take experts advic...

Friday 10 April 04:41pm

sahithya replied to topic Toddler always sick since childcare

Unfortunately,many toddlers fall sick at this age. Every minute, mama has to be with the child to take care of him. You should ask him to do some activities, so that he will be more active.

Tuesday 17 March 04:29pm

sahithya replied to topic Delayed Speech

It is true that many toddlers who face speech delay. It may happen due to Hearing loss due to infection or Larynx problem or Learning disabilities or some other reason. So,you all do with your kid ...

Monday 16 March 05:03pm

sahithya replied to topic 19 mths and very light sleeper

If there is no any bedtime routine for your baby, it is recommended to make one and stick to it. Also, make sure that you do it every day on the same time and in the same sequence. Maintain a cons...

Monday 16 March 04:55pm

sahithya replied to topic Thoughts on names..???

I liked Andrew from your Boy baby's names list. And I would pick Bridgette for girl.

Sunday 08 March 12:15am

sahithya replied to topic Indie Mae??

Indie Mae is a nice one, How about below suggestions? Indie Bronwyn Indie Hazel Indie Avis Indie Orla Indie Ainsley Indie Viola

Saturday 28 February 08:50pm

sahithya replied to topic Can't decide between two names!

I like Claudia Grace.

Saturday 28 February 08:47pm

sahithya replied to topic I'm very nervous and would like some advice from mums?

Becoming a parent can bring lots of changes in your personal life and also physically. You will have to spend all your 9 months time to keep your and your baby healthy. Maintain proper diet,exerci...

Friday 27 February 11:50pm

sahithya replied to topic Your Pregnancy Tips

During pregnancy,you need to be careful about every aspect of your life. Tips during pregnancy: Skin And Hair Care(Use organic bath products such as soaps and shampoos) Medical supervision from the...

Thursday 26 February 11:12pm
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