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MammaMandy replied to topic Sleeping Bags

Thank you for your replies! I also put him in the target long sleeve singlets, bonds terry towel wonder suits plus the bonds leggings plus Jersey cotton sheets with a mink blanket under.. I just f...

Friday 13 March 12:56pm

MammaMandy replied to topic PLEASE HELP- im in so much pain feeding :-(

The fact that you are still breastfeeding whilst enduring all this just shows how much of a great job you are doing! I went through similar and it even threw me into PND because I felt as though I ...

Friday 13 March 11:07am

MammaMandy started new topic Sleeping Bags

Hi, my son is 18mo and like many others refuses to keep a blanket on. He has his blanket during his sleeps but it's coming up to cooler weather and I'm not sure if I should put him in a s...

Friday 13 March 11:00am

MammaMandy replied to topic just found out I'm pregnant, worried as I drunk a lot of energy drinks before I knew

Hi there, I had the same feelings as you!!!! I was away in the US over NYE and didn't know I was pregnant and as you do on nye, u consume copious amounts of alcohol... I was eating seafood, s...

Friday 13 March 10:47am

MammaMandy replied to topic Help! Levi or Ethan?

Levi Ethan... I'm sure which ever you decide will still be lovely! Good luck x

Friday 13 March 10:35am
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