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Anijohn1316 replied to topic What is your young babies hair like and how do you style it??

so cutie mind sound's like a so funny and nice but this is some crazy hair I haven't had that problem so not sure how to tackle

Saturday 18 April 09:42pm

Anijohn1316 replied to topic HELP! Small but ACTIVE baby

Hi ladies i pregnant on 24/01 in a year to i am very happy

Thursday 16 April 11:27pm

Anijohn1316 replied to topic Ideas to clear a baby's stuff nose?

I think Clean it well with warm, soapy water after each use. Squeeze the bulb with the tip in the soapy water to clean the inside, too. (Shake the soapy water inside the bulb before squeezing it ou...

Wednesday 15 April 03:02pm

Anijohn1316 replied to topic I need some advice...

Hi I'm agree with other his right and Congratulations on your pregnancy

Saturday 11 April 05:24pm

Anijohn1316 replied to topic How much help do you get from your family?

Jacqui86au wrote: Both my parents and hubby's family live nearby. We have 6 kids under 5 including 2 sets of multiple. there always helping when they can I think it's right for depends ...

Wednesday 08 April 09:45pm

Anijohn1316 started new topic am I being silly?

Hi there if they can't get all the information they'll rebook you to come back another day. I've had two different scenarios ...

Saturday 04 April 12:27am

Anijohn1316 replied to topic Teething out of order! Anyone else?

its not a serious problem . in some case this will happened . for your satisfaction you will go to child specialist

Thursday 02 April 09:37pm
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