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eggy99 replied to topic bad breath

i took her to docs on monday she said that there was no throat, ear or chest infections so i dont know

Sunday 04 June 11:59am

eggy99 replied to topic protein allergy????

my 14 month old daughter has a allergy to protein as well as lactose, soy and goat, she is on the Neocate formula, it has been great, i BF her for 2 months then it took 2 months to work out what wa...

Saturday 03 June 08:38pm

eggy99 replied to topic cows milk allergy

Hi my daughter is allergic to lactose, soy and goat, she was breast fed till 2 months when the crying wouldnt stop,diarrhoea and vomitting i tried everything with my diet but it didnt make ant diff...

Saturday 03 June 08:33pm

eggy99 started new topic bad breath

my daughter has bad breath, i have tried brushing her teeth 3 times daily with toothpaste and brush but it doesnt make any difference, she is 14 months old and on a elemental formula (neocate)due t...

Saturday 03 June 08:23pm

eggy99 replied to topic Bub's losing weight!!

hi, did you use the same set of scales? my health centre and paeds scales are different by about 150 grams, my daughter is 14 months old (7lbs 14 oz)and now just fits into size 0 clothes, paed sa...

Saturday 03 June 08:18pm
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