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jusayd replied to topic The BEST formula if you cant or are not breastfeeding!!!!

Hi Josie, I found you message very interested. I have a 10mth old who has reflux and eczema. He is fully breastfed and am a bit worried, as I wanted to start to introduce 1 bottle of formula for ...

Friday 21 July 06:36pm

jusayd replied to topic Sleeping bag? - How to dress bub 4 bed in Qld

Hi, We live in Sydney and it is also getting quite cold here. I use a sleeping bag called SNUGTIME which you can purchase at David JOnes or Myers. The good thing about these ones is that it has ...

Sunday 04 June 06:10pm

jusayd replied to topic Tap water or boiled water???

Hi Nikki H, I have 2 boys one is 3 1/2 yrs and the other 8mths. I have been told by several nurses and doctors that boiled water is to be given until they are 1yr old. I have been constantly told ...

Friday 02 June 08:28pm

jusayd replied to topic medicines

Hi, My liitle boy is on Losec. But i actually get it made up in liquid form, instead of fussing with having to disolve the tablet in water. My little one has no problem taking it via syringe and ...

Thursday 01 June 06:16pm

jusayd replied to topic refusal to sleep/settle during day - just cries

Hi, I have been through exactly what you are describing. Have any of the doctors considered that it may be reflux. My son was the same. He has silent reflux which is the most painful one. He wou...

Thursday 01 June 05:51pm

jusayd replied to topic Bottle Feeding Problems - will they last forever?

hi, Well I have a baby who has silent reflux. You said she doesn't sleep well through the day but no problems at night. Well my little one was the same. I found out that the body creates less acidi...

Wednesday 31 May 06:14pm

jusayd replied to topic reflux thrush and feeding trouble any suggestion

Hi, I have an 8month old who has silent reflux and has been on medication since he was 2weeks. Which means he vomits but it ogoes straight back down and these babies constantly cry especially when...

Wednesday 31 May 05:27pm
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