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RO replied to topic just introducing my family

Hi Sara! My name is Row. I have 2 girls 23 months and 6 months. Tymika - the older one started childcare 1 day a week at 18months to give me a chance to get to know our baby. She;s very social and ...

Thursday 10 July 05:14pm

RO replied to topic What to expect from 6 months onwards

Hi Skye and Liby! My name is Row and I have 2 girls - Tymika 23months and Brydie 6months. I don't think I'll be having any more children and I want Brydie's growing to slow down!!! Tymika has grown...

Thursday 10 July 05:00pm

RO replied to topic stressed out

Hi Abby! My name is Row. I have 2 girls also - 2yrs and 6 months. I know my older one isn't as old as yours so things probably aren't the same but I find if I let her cuddle or play with the baby w...

Thursday 10 July 04:34pm
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