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karlap replied to topic TTC A Specific Gender - BOY

Is the diet for the mother to be or the father to be. I have read many articles on this and some people give food ideas for the father to eat?

Wednesday 17 March 07:08am

karlap replied to topic Premie Babys

HI, my oldest daughter was 8 weeks premie, and she has turned out fine. Like other babies she is advanced in some ways and slower in other ways. But if you have to take her to a health clinic every...

Tuesday 16 December 10:41am

karlap replied to topic Finger sucker

I have a 2 year old that sucks her fingers. I have tried to stop it but there really isn't anything that you can do. I think she does it as a comfort thing. At least as your child gets older and if...

Tuesday 16 December 10:33am

karlap replied to topic Natural Medicines For Reflux???

HI, My 10 month old was a very spewy baby. I didn't try natural medicines. I had her on reflux formula for so long and that wasn't doing the trick, but after months I changed her to SMA formula and...

Saturday 13 December 12:27pm

karlap replied to topic How would you spell it

HI, i really like that name that you have picked. If you are worried about the spelling don't be because even if it is spelt the way its pronounced people still get it wrong. My friend her name is ...

Friday 12 December 10:53am

karlap replied to topic Is it hard to stick with a routine or is it just us

HI, I have a 2 YO and a 10 month old. I had them both on aroutine since about three months. It is hard but you just have to stick to it. When at say 5 o'clock give your child its dinner, a bath the...

Thursday 11 December 12:56pm

karlap started new topic How to have a boy?

Does anyone have any old wives tales or any ways that are suppose to increase the chances of having a boy. Iwould like a boy but it isn't a neccessity. I already have two girls. So any comments or ...

Wednesday 10 December 10:29am

karlap started new topic Lactose intolerant

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has any recipes for a lactose intolerant 2 year old?

Wednesday 10 December 06:38am
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