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Lucystan1 replied to topic Herbal teas that are safe??

If you don't want to read labels all the time, there is breastfeeding/pregnancy tea in herbal or fruit flavour. They will also help with your milk supply once your baby arrived.

Tuesday 19 December 12:46pm

Lucystan1 replied to topic breast feeding & wind

There are two options, you either drink some herbal tea and through your breast milk this should help settle your baby or, for greater effect, you can give your baby some fennel tea (15ml). There i...

Tuesday 19 December 12:44pm

Lucystan1 replied to topic Fennell Tea

damara wrote: Hi Belinda, my bub had wind in the early weeks and my mother suggested giving him diluted fennel tea (rather than you drinking it). Only a small amount each day (10-20mls was all he t...

Tuesday 19 December 12:41pm

Lucystan1 replied to topic tried everything I think

I would give baby Fennel tea. It worked for my bub. If you are scared of giving baby normal tea I would use baby tea. It undergoes very strict controls and is suitable for babies from 2 weeks. You ...

Tuesday 19 December 12:34pm
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