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Hales1980 replied to topic My 7 month old is not interested in solids at all!

LOL - I guess its not that shes not interested in solids - just not off the spoon. My DS is 9 months old and will not take food off the spoon and barely eats anything - maybe a 5 cent peice of bre...

Friday 22 December 09:58am

Hales1980 replied to topic March 2006 babies!!!!!!!!

Hi All, Nates 6 month check: 7900g Bare Weight 69cms Length 44.5cm Head Circ. Solids - have tried them 4 times but not too interested. Rolling - Yay! Finally rolling around. Its fabulous to ...

Sunday 17 September 06:10pm

Hales1980 replied to topic 4 months - how many feeds?

Hi Apryl, My DS is just 4 months and he feeds about 6 times a day - he is breastfed and sicks heaps.

Thursday 20 July 06:07am

Hales1980 replied to topic breast size

I would say never, or if they do fit into the same size bra they are more likely to be folded in rather then just held up a little, lol. Needless to say I dont pass the pen/pencil test (good old "...

Tuesday 11 July 06:28pm

Hales1980 replied to topic 9wk Old b/fed baby girl Weighing 6.4kg - what does your baby weigh?

From what I have read you cannot really overfeed a breastfed baby and normal gains are 150g-450g a week - average (total gains over a 4 week period divided by 4). My DS was 4800g at 4 weeks 3 days...

Saturday 22 April 05:26pm

Hales1980 replied to topic co-sleeping?

Hi Ellie, I had Nate on the 12 March and I find that he sleeps much better in bed with me!! I put him in his cradle at 7/8pm and then after his first feed (any time from 11pm) he basically stays ...

Friday 14 April 08:41am

Hales1980 replied to topic Pimple like spots all over face!!

Yep, a hormonal rash. Bubs normally get it around 4-6 weeks and can last anywhere from a week to a few weeks I think. Looks yucky, especially if they have it bad (as my first DS did) but it does...

Thursday 13 April 09:58am

Hales1980 replied to topic drinking so less?

If her weight gains are good then maybe she takes more from your breast than she does from a bottle. If you have always been expressing than you have always been making more milk than she needs he...

Saturday 01 April 10:18am

Hales1980 started new topic Post Partum Sex

I have a 2 week old baby (our third child) and am keen to resume "relations" with my husband. I had a little grazing but have suffered no pain at all from the delivery. My bleeding is getting le...

Thursday 30 March 12:08pm

Hales1980 started new topic Nate Patrick

Nate Patrick has arrived!!! When: 12 March 2006 Weight: 3280g / 7lb 3.5oz Length: 50cm Head Circ: 33.5cms How (LOL): v/b - Worth every minute of pain.

Sunday 26 March 06:20pm

Hales1980 replied to topic after birth pains after number three?

Hi Kath, I just had my third 8 days ago. My other 2 are 3.5 and 18 mths. I had bad afterpains for 3 days - they were especially bad when I fed . I was thankful when they stopped - I took panadine ...

Tuesday 21 March 10:59am

Hales1980 replied to topic Hospital Stay

At my hospital they offer early discarge - the earliest is 4 hours after the birth - depending on your circumstances. If you leave within the fist 72 hours the midwives visit you at home to check u...

Monday 27 February 05:44pm

Hales1980 replied to topic CTG????

cardiotocograph Basically they listen to your bubs heart rate through sensors placed on your abdomen. The sensors are attached to an elastic strap which is stretched around your belly. The sensors...

Thursday 23 February 06:08pm

Hales1980 started new topic Baby Boy due in 4.5 weeks!!

OK, so this is our third baby, our second boy.. Our others are Liam Scott and Bethany Shay. What do you think of: Nate? Blake? Middle name, maybe Lucas. Any suggestions of names that will go...

Saturday 18 February 06:15pm

Hales1980 replied to topic Sex after birth.. Am I being unfair?

My second baby was born with compound hand - arm wrapped across the body and up beside the head - and despite my labour being 1h50m 1st stage and a super quick 7 minute second stage I was lucky to ...

Thursday 26 January 10:06am

Hales1980 replied to topic Epidurals? Are they ok?

I had one with my first labour - the proceedure was not bad although I was having contractions every couple of minutes which made it take a while. I had no backpain or problems relating to the need...

Thursday 26 January 09:34am

Hales1980 replied to topic To All expectant Mothers

Janelle - Well said .

Thursday 19 January 01:29pm

Hales1980 replied to topic 1st born 10' 10", worried about size of next baby?

Our babies were not that big but friends of ours had a baby - born vaginally - that was 10lb6oz. He got stuck (shoulder distocia???) and was not breathing when he was born. It was a very difficult ...

Thursday 19 January 01:17pm

Hales1980 replied to topic Where does the show come?

You can have contractions before the show. It can happen in any order: Contractions - Show - Waters Breaking Waters Breaking (taking your show with them) - Contractions Show - Contractions - Wa...

Wednesday 18 January 07:29pm

Hales1980 started new topic QldMummy

Hi Qld Mummy, I just wanted to say - although your information is interesting I think that 15 or 16 threads started within 4 or 5 days is saturating the labour and birth section. I am sure that ...

Wednesday 18 January 07:18pm
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