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Charlie started new topic how long till things are back to normal?

I had a third degree tear 41/2 mths ago with my first baby.Things are still painful when having intercourse. The doctor said that he had done a great job of my stitching but i'm not too sure?And wi...

Friday 26 May 03:49pm

Charlie replied to topic Toys For 19mth plus

If you can find one in the sales, a miniature basketball ring is ideal. My boys (2 and 4) love theirs, and we've had it since the eldest was about 1 month old (Daddy got excited)! Ours is plastic a...

Thursday 17 July 06:29pm

Charlie replied to topic Shoes

My two have always hated having shoes on when we're home - the first thing they do is take them off. My youngest has started taking his shoes off, then putting a pair of mine or my husband's on. Gi...

Thursday 17 July 06:24pm

Charlie replied to topic Encopresis

my address is rjurecky at msn dot com - feel free to mail me and I'll talk to you about some of the management techniques we use. Currently he is managing on lactulose once daily, plus a Microlax e...

Thursday 17 July 06:20pm

Charlie replied to topic Encopresis

My youngest does not have encopresis, but bowel problems are one of the effects of spina bifida, including chronic constipation, leaking etc. I'd be happy to chat about what we are doing to manage,...

Sunday 13 July 05:20pm

Charlie started new topic Newbie

Hi, just thought I'd introduce myself. I'm a working mum of two boys (4 and 2) based in Adelaide, South Australia. My youngest has mild spina bifida which provides a few extra challenges, but life ...

Sunday 13 July 05:13pm
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