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Rachael28 replied to topic What is your 7th moth old up to????

I know not many people like them but I swear by them. I have my son in a walker. So when I am doing houdework he can follow me. I have found it so much easier to get things done around the house.

Saturday 17 April 07:37am

Rachael28 replied to topic Switching formulas

Hi, My son is now 5 months old and we kept changing his formula thinking that would work but it didn't. We also tried colic relief stuff and that worked if we gave it to him with every feed. I know...

Thursday 26 February 10:29am

Rachael28 replied to topic is my baby to big and heavy?

It's ok. My son was 3kgs born and is 4 months old now and weighs 9kgs. I have been told its fine. He has been on formula since he was 2 weeks old. I started him on farex about 1 month ago and he lo...

Saturday 31 January 09:10am

Rachael28 started new topic Wauchope/Port Macquarie

Hi, I have a 11 week old son and 3 daughters. I am looking for mums to get together with that live near Wauchope or Port Macquarie. You can contact me on either [email protected] or glenpincha...

Thursday 11 December 03:36pm

Rachael28 replied to topic Ongoing use of colic drops?

I have been using brauers colic relief for my son. He has been using it for a few weeks now. I give him 1ml before each feed. I spoke to the naturpath at brauers and they said it was fine to use th...

Thursday 11 December 09:48am

Rachael28 replied to topic Heinz formula????

I have spoken to my early childhood nurse and my dr and they have told me to try him on karicare. He is going great now. He is putting on the weight fast and is more settled.

Thursday 11 December 09:41am

Rachael28 replied to topic tantrum toddler

I had the same problem when my daughter was born. There is only 2 1/2 years difference between her and the twins. The twins would throw tantrums all the time. I used to tell them to stop and that w...

Sunday 07 December 08:56am

Rachael28 replied to topic Reflux

My 9 week old son has just been diagnosed with silent reflux so we have had to put him onto karicare AR. Its a thickened formula. We are also giving him brauer colic releif and it is all working fo...

Sunday 30 November 06:32pm

Rachael28 replied to topic Survey: Vomiting Baby Research

My twins were c section no labour and they had colic. Stephanie was naturally and we had no probs. But our new little man, who was c setion after labouring, is 9 weeks old had has just been diagnos...

Sunday 30 November 06:29pm

Rachael28 started new topic Heinz formula????

I have had my 9 week old son on the heinz formula for about 4 weeks now but ever since he started on it I have noticed that he has had very runny motions and is very unsettled. I was wondering if a...

Tuesday 25 November 03:05pm

Rachael28 replied to topic Feeling like a Zombie

I was having similar problems with my son. He is only 7 weeks. We put him on "brauer colic relief" It worked beautifully for him and us. Other than that I don't know what you could do. Let me know ...

Thursday 13 November 04:25pm

Rachael28 replied to topic To young for solids?

You could try giving him 2 supplement feeds a day. Or you could give him a bottle of water. I was having the same problems as you but I gave up on the breastfeeding at 3 weeks as I also have 3 othe...

Wednesday 12 November 10:46am

Rachael28 replied to topic twins

I had twin daughters first up when I was 19. It was very very unexpected. I was scared. But when the twins were 2 1/2 I had another daughter. And after I had her I wished I had had twins again. Peo...

Monday 10 November 10:15am

Rachael28 replied to topic Vaginal birth after a caesarean

I had an emergency caesarean with my first and a natural vaginal for my second. We were trying for another natural vaginal with the third but ended up being complications with bubs and had to have ...

Monday 10 November 10:09am

Rachael28 replied to topic Planning a 3 pregnancy after 2 caesareans

I have had a caesar, then a natural then another caesar. But all my drs have told me that if I have another baby it will have to be by caesar as it could tear you open inside. Sorry to tell you tha...

Monday 10 November 09:58am

Rachael28 replied to topic Going from 3 to 4

I have just gone from 3 to 4 children. My son is now 6 weeks old and my other children are 8 yo twins and a 5 yo daughter. I also have 2 stepdaughters, aged 14 and 8. To me the only hard part about...

Monday 10 November 09:54am

Rachael28 replied to topic pre eclampsia

I had pre eclampsia with my first pregnancy, but that was with twins. I had an emergancy c section 5 weeks early. My second and third pregnancies were fine. No problems at all. My first and second ...

Monday 10 November 09:50am

Rachael28 replied to topic feeding and bringing up wind

Hi, My son didn't like parting with his wind either. I tried infacol and that did not work. I am now using brauer colic relief and it works like a charm. You could also try laying him in your lap f...

Saturday 08 November 01:53pm

Rachael28 replied to topic Colic

Hi, I have to say that I agree with Tommygirl. I was breastfeeding my son but I had to put him on the bottle after 3 weeks. Either he was permanently attached to me or screaming down the house, whi...

Saturday 08 November 01:49pm

Rachael28 replied to topic Nappies

Hi, My little one was going through about 4 nappies each feed. So I was roughly going through 170+ nappies a week. I hope this helps.

Thursday 06 November 09:05am
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