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brooke'smum replied to topic Height formula at 22 months to judge adult height??

hi, this mit be rite or wrong, don't know. but have heard that @ 2yrs & 8mths for girls u double their height & thats what they will be when an adult & for boys its 3yrs. heard it just recently. so...

Thursday 06 January 08:55am

brooke'smum replied to topic roll call

Name: Shana Age: 28 Marital Status: Partnered 5 1/2 yrs, getting married Oct 04. Where do you live: Morphett Vale How many kids: 1 Brooke 3 1/2 mnths Occupation: Home Duties Hobbies: number ...

Tuesday 13 April 11:53am

brooke'smum replied to topic looking for other mums!

hi i'm shana 28yrs old, my daughter brooke is 12 weeks old & is a bundle of joy. just looking to meet other mum's to share stories with, have an adult conversion with & maybe even get together eve...

Tuesday 23 March 08:16am
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