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Tineka replied to topic April baby! ...I think.

Hi I am also due in April, like you I wasn't sure of my dates my midwife said 4 April and the scan said the 10th. So only a week out. I am also expecting my 3rd and my 2nd was 2 weeks early so w...

Tuesday 10 October 06:18am

Tineka started new topic Keeps getting out of bed

Our little boy (just turned two) has a habit of getting out of his bed at night. He goes to bed at 7pm with the normal routine of bath, dinner, book and drink then bed. Then he will get up and p...

Friday 21 October 07:07am

Tineka replied to topic When you started toilet training...

Hi My son turns 2 next week and I am wondering the same thing. I have been told when they know when they go wees and poos. As soon as my son gets into the bath we does wees or if not then whe...

Wednesday 28 September 07:00am

Tineka replied to topic i feel like a bad mummy

First let me say you are not a bad mummy!!!! I am no expert but when Hamish won't eat (he goes through stages) I give him smoothies. With Bananna, kiwi fruit yogart and milk but you can put any...

Wednesday 14 September 05:24am

Tineka replied to topic unexpected surprise!

Congratulations on the birth of your wee girl. How has Blake and Tegan coped with it? Is Tegan better? You are one busy mother. My sister lost her little boy last nov (he was 5 months old) She ...

Tuesday 06 September 08:20am

Tineka started new topic I'm so Proud....

I thought we could use this to let everyone know what you have done recently that you are proud of. For example We are flying to the UK in December and last week I was told that I couldn't take m...

Thursday 25 August 08:10am

Tineka started new topic Help, toddler and baby sharing a room

We only have a two bedroom cottage so the kids have to share. The problem is that my toddler wakes in the night crying, I think he wakes up and hears Abby and it freaks him out. if we leave hi...

Tuesday 16 August 08:20am

Tineka replied to topic Any advice for travelling overseas with an 8 1/2 month old?

Hi We are travelling to the uk in december Hamish will be just over 2 years and Abby will be 7 months A great tip I was given was if you are travelling at night put them in there PJ's so you are ...

Thursday 04 August 07:05am

Tineka replied to topic Who feels the same???

Hi Helena Good question!! I have an open mind, I want toenjoy this bub and bond with it earlier than I did with Hamish and formula is so much easier for my husband and I. Hamish did really well ...

Sunday 28 November 06:38am

Tineka replied to topic Due Dates For Babies Due In 2005

HI My name Tineka Depending on who you ask my midwife says 29 may but I know when it all happened so I say 5 june I am sure the scan will tell I have a son Hamish 13 months

Sunday 28 November 06:24am

Tineka replied to topic Who feels the same???

HI The first 8 weeks where are nightmare for me. Breast feeding is pushed really hard here but I found it really hard and got depressed. With that and trying to be super Mum, it was know wounder...

Saturday 27 November 01:20pm

Tineka replied to topic Skinny mum, Flabby tummy?

hi It is so nice to talk to others with the same problem, I was also way under weight before I got pregnant. infact I had just gone to the doctor about it as I was concerned. Anyway as you said ...

Tuesday 19 October 03:42am

Tineka replied to topic LAZY DAD? or whingy mum?

Wow You have to be the most patient person I have ever meet. If I was in your situation I would have lost it by now. When my husband is at home he plays with our son, changes nappies, cooks dinn...

Saturday 17 July 08:22am

Tineka replied to topic Vaccuum Cleaner Phobia!!

My 9 month old son is the same, he use to not mind the vacume but in the last couple on months he screems when I turn it on. I normally have to vacume when he is asleep, normally at night as less...

Saturday 17 July 07:58am

Tineka replied to topic little girl who loves to climb!!

My 9 month old son is not as adventuries as your two. Although he climbs to the top of the stairs with no trouble but he can't get down yet and the stairs have a couple of inches gap bentween the...

Saturday 17 July 07:45am

Tineka replied to topic where does he put it?

Hi He is a hungry wee man. Have you tried "hungry baby formula"?? It is put out by heinz and it is in a purple tin. I found it worked for my little boy. I know they say leave solids until later ...

Tuesday 22 June 12:22pm

Tineka replied to topic Milestones.

I know what you mean My 8month old has been crawling for 2 months now and pulling himself up which is fantastic. Put nothing is safe, he has had so many falls including when the chair toppled ove...

Friday 18 June 09:13am

Tineka started new topic 8 month won't sleep during the day

My 8 month old son won't go down during the day for a sleep. He sleeps a fantastic 11 hours at night but when I put him down during the day it is always a battle. He will cry and stand up in his...

Friday 18 June 08:50am

Tineka replied to topic Baby whingeathon

Hi JZ sorry I have taken so long to respond but we have been away. I live just south of Blenheim but I went to high school in Wellington you can email me at [email protected]

Monday 07 June 08:15am

Tineka replied to topic Feeling like a bad mum...

Hi Ladybird You poor thing, it sounds like you have your hands full. Last month my son was doing the cat napping thing and I told my plunket nurse about it. She helped me change his eating patte...

Thursday 27 May 08:24am
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