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alarron started new topic newborn waking during day sleep

Hi My daughter is 8 weeks old and is sleeping really well at night. During the day I can put her down for a sleep and she'll go off within about 5 mins. However, after approximately 30 - 45 mins...

Thursday 22 June 11:34am

alarron started new topic What's happened to sleeping through?

Hi Maree My daughter is 19 months old. At 4 months she would sleep from 7pm to 7am and has done so until about a month ago. Suddenly she has started waking during the night, sometimes 2 or 3 tim...

Friday 11 November 06:10pm

alarron replied to topic Where there is life - there is hope.

Hi Mandy Gosh, you certainly have had a lot going on with your daughter. Please feel free to vent your frustrations - we all have them at some time or another. It must be difficult to see your d...

Friday 11 November 05:56pm

alarron started new topic Aren't friends great?

Hi I'm 8 weeks pregnant with 24 hour sickness!! All i want to do is sleep or vomit! Great hey? Well today i got a phone call from a friend saying that she would be at my house in half an hour to...

Tuesday 20 September 07:54am

alarron replied to topic Pram Skateboards

I know the Valco joggers have skateboard attachments and a friend of mine who had one just loved it. Her 2.5 year old used it heaps. From what i've heard, I think it depends on the type of pram y...

Friday 12 August 08:01am

alarron replied to topic Can teething cause swelling of face

Hi When my daughters top and bottom front teeth were coming through her gums and cheeks were very red and swollen. She hasn't shown any outwards signs with her molars, but i'm sure it can happen....

Sunday 31 July 06:53am

alarron replied to topic This is a bit gross but I am curious if this could be a sign of teething?

Hi Kristi My daughter has just cut her 3rd first molar and she has had exactly the same 'symptoms'. Everytime she gets a 'big' tooth eg molar, her nappies are terrible and she can get 3 or 4 a da...

Monday 25 July 01:53pm

alarron started new topic Swing Frame

Hi Does anybody know where i could purchase a swing frame to fit a Fisher Price Lock and Lift Swing? I haven't been able to find them anywhere. Thanks Kindly Alison

Friday 22 July 11:10am

alarron replied to topic When should I take the bottle away?

Hi We replaced the bottle with a sipper cup when my daughter was 12 months old. She has her cups just for water and then a special cup for milk. I bought a cup for milk with a silicone sipper te...

Wednesday 20 July 12:51pm

alarron started new topic Height of toddlers

Hi I was just curious to know how much on average toddlers grow between 1 and 2 years of age. My daughter is already tall for her age at 15 months and I was told that their growth slows down subs...

Sunday 17 July 09:39am

alarron started new topic Playing with and spitting out food

Hi My daughter is 15 months old and has always been a great eater, never fussy with anything i've given her. She has just started playing with food in her mouth and either spitting it out everywh...

Sunday 10 July 08:19am

alarron replied to topic help in deciding a 3-wheeler jogger with toddler seat...

Hi We use the Valco Runabout and have since my daughter was a newborn. We really like it - it's light and easy to store in the car boot and is easy to push. However, we have had trouble with the...

Wednesday 06 July 11:53am

alarron replied to topic All mums out there using Zantac for reflux

Hi My daughter had reflux from 2 weeks to 6 months of age and was on Zantac and it worked wonders! My doctor recommended giving two doses per day, one in the morning and one at night which ended...

Sunday 05 June 12:52pm

alarron replied to topic spout teats

Hi Pedro I use a Tommy Tippy spout cup with a silicone spout teat and my daughter loves it - it's the only type of cup she would have for milk instead of a bottle. I found it at Target, they didn...

Friday 27 May 11:42am

alarron replied to topic 22 month old sleeping patterns

We've made an 'out of cot' time at 7.30am. We've put toys next to her cot that she can reach and pull in if she wakes earlier and have a play. Sometimes we hear her at 6.30am and she plays for al...

Saturday 14 May 07:55am

alarron replied to topic any trouble moving from cot to bed?

Hi I know of somebody who had a 14 month old and they needed the cot for a newborn, so they started out by putting the toddler onto a mattress on the floor. They had to 'train' their daughter to ...

Saturday 14 May 07:29am

alarron replied to topic Toddler Formula's

Hi Susan I'm sorry to hear that your bub has had a reaction to dairy. We have a severe history of eczema on my side of the family - infact, i was the only one out of my immediate family that neve...

Saturday 14 May 07:10am

alarron replied to topic Teething Dummy

Hi Jo I have the teething dummy and my daughter doesn't like it. She enjoys chewing on the handle more than anything! I find it useful when putting Bonjela in Abby's mouth - i smear it onto the ...

Friday 13 May 07:10am

alarron replied to topic 12 month old Immunisations

My daughter had 4 needles 2 weeks ago and it didn't affect her at all. She cried for the 3rd and gave a whimper for the 4th, but otherwise was fine and didn't have any reactions. I suppose it com...

Friday 13 May 07:05am

alarron replied to topic 14 month old and not talking

My daughter is 13 months and has quite a large repertoire of words and talks non-stop. However, she still isn't walking yet and doesn't show alot of interest in walking. My health nurse told me t...

Saturday 07 May 07:14am
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