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will'smum replied to topic CHRISTENING INVITES / BOMBONEIRE ETC

Hi My friend had candles made with the picture of her daughter and her name and date of her christening on it. It also had a little gold cross. Very cute. She hd this done in brisbane though.. ...

Sunday 08 January 05:38pm

will'smum replied to topic Money given to babies when born

I never recieved any money when my son was born, so have never had to think about what to do with it. But I do put $10 p/f into my son's account, but I use this money to buy new clothes when he ne...

Tuesday 27 December 07:06pm

will'smum replied to topic worried - any tips?

You are going to be a great mum!! I have been through a similar situation as you. I had alot of hatred towards my step mum for what she did to me when I was growing up, and didn't talk to her for...

Tuesday 27 December 06:51pm

will'smum replied to topic What breed of dog is best for children??

Cocker Spaniels are great with kids. I bought a puppy for my sons third birthday and they get on great. You just have to teach your child to dicipline the dog as you do. My son has taken awhile ...

Tuesday 27 December 06:33pm

will'smum replied to topic Money Saving Ideas!!!

When my friend moved up from Sydney she hired a shipping container. The company dropped it at her place, her husband packed it, the company picked it up and delivered to her address in brisbane. ...

Tuesday 27 December 06:12pm

will'smum started new topic single mum wants to have another baby

Hi everyone I am a 32yr single mum of a beautiful 3 yr old boy and I would dearly love to have a another baby. I don't want my son to grow up to be the only child, I grew up with two sisters and l...

Sunday 25 December 10:33am

will'smum replied to topic bath dramas

My 2 yr old son used to love the bath, but now won't have one unless I have one with him, he seems to have become afraid of the plug. when I am in the bath and I move he yells don't get out, and s...

Saturday 20 November 07:40pm

will'smum replied to topic Does anyone have a Bertini Shuttle? (Pram)

Hi I have a Bertini Shuttle pram and I have had no problems at all. I love it!!! Try contacting the company and see what they will do to fix it for you.

Friday 05 November 11:06pm

will'smum replied to topic Baby's Surname

Hi I found out I was pregnant 3 months after breaking up with the babies father. At first I had decided to use my babies fathers name, but in the end knew that I would be the main parent in my chi...

Friday 05 November 09:29pm

will'smum replied to topic Touched by an Angel...

Hi everyone Just reading all these stories make me cry. It is sad that you have lost a child or loved one. I lost my mum when I was 1 1/2 years old. I constantly pray to her and asked her to sen...

Friday 05 November 08:57pm

will'smum replied to topic Hair clips ... ??

Hi Jaidas Mum Have you tried putting the hair clips in while standing in front of the mirror. Your daughter will be able to see what you are putting in her hair and may stop pulling it out. I di...

Friday 05 November 08:16pm

will'smum replied to topic Transplant family

Hi I am on the other side of your story. My husband was hit by a car in september 2002 and was pronounced brain dead the next day. It was such an easy decision for me at such a devastating time,...

Thursday 04 November 11:33am

will'smum replied to topic Fear of Swimming Lessons

Hi Twin mum My suggestion is to make any interaction with water fun, whether in the bath, shower or wading pool. I started gettig my son used to the water at 6 days old. I put him in the shower ...

Thursday 04 November 10:51am

will'smum replied to topic how to get rid of that dummy

Hi My friends daughter loved her dummy and she was trying to get rid of it for months until sh came up with the idea of trading the dummy for a toy. Her daughter had been asking for a tea set fo...

Thursday 04 November 10:20am

will'smum replied to topic getting out of car seat restraint

Hi Ren I don't know where you live but my son who is 2 also did this and I went to the safety house at the royal brisbane hospital in brisbane and they sell a device that clips over the straps so...

Wednesday 03 November 10:42pm

will'smum replied to topic funny things that the kids say

I started teaching my son body parts and asked him where his bum was, he proudly pointed it and said bum...I thought he was so clever until I went to the shops the next day and he was sitting in th...

Wednesday 03 November 10:32pm

will'smum replied to topic I cant cope

Hi bubbles_mummy I really don't know how you feel as I have never gone through what you are at the moment, I do know you are a good mum. You care enough to find help. I am a single mum to a 2 y...

Wednesday 03 November 10:15pm

will'smum replied to topic grainy poos

My 2yr old son has grainy poos sometimes, I find this is usually when he has eaten bananas. I think it may be the tiny seeds in the banana, he has to eat 2/3 a day for this to happen. That is the...

Tuesday 02 November 07:41pm

will'smum replied to topic What's in a name!

Hi My sons name is William Jack. I loved the name Jack but I thought it was abit popular.. and I just love the name William, it is a family name, but hasn't been used for the last hundred years. ...

Monday 18 October 08:04pm

will'smum replied to topic Mums in Taigum, Boondall, Chermside areas

Hi Jeanie I have a 2yr 3months (12/07/02) son and would like to meet some mums as well...I live in Fitgibbon (nest to taigum)..let me know Sharon

Monday 18 October 07:43pm
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