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Mesdk34 replied to topic When did you know that you wanted another baby?

It totally depend on you and your partner whether you both are ready physically, emotionally and financially for another baby. Less than 17 months and more than 5 years of gap can increase the risk...

Saturday 02 January 08:14pm

Mesdk34 replied to topic Dream feeding

Dream feeding is helpful in the short term. Most of the women recommend cutting dream feedings down to 2 per night at 6 months of age. You need to first gradually increase the food in the day and t...

Saturday 02 January 08:12pm

Mesdk34 replied to topic Feeding/Sleeping

An average length of a breastfeeding for a newborn is 20 to 40 minutes total, but some babies are faster than average and some are slower. Milk production and infant intake are also influenced by t...

Saturday 02 January 08:09pm

Mesdk34 replied to topic Your partner's role in IVF

IVF is a costly process and the outcome of an IVF cycle is highly uncertain too. This creates a lot of mental stress for both husband and wife who are undergoing the process. The best support a man...

Thursday 31 December 05:07pm

Mesdk34 replied to topic Pre labour signs??

As you have been feeling some gastrointestinal upset and also experiencing diarrhoea, do not overlook the symptoms. These may be a sign of true labour. Abdominal and intestinal cramps, with or with...

Thursday 31 December 04:57pm

Mesdk34 replied to topic regards to introduce Probiotics to infant and toddler

Probiotics are living microorganism that helps maintain the balance of good and bad bacteria in the digestive tract. Probiotics are used to treat colic, reflux, irritable bowel syndrome, constipati...

Thursday 31 December 04:48pm

Mesdk34 replied to topic Conceiving naturally after I prescribed clomid

Clomid is used for ovulation in up to 80% of women who do not otherwise ovulate, and chances are such that 50% of these women may become pregnant. Clomid typically used today for women with irregu...

Tuesday 29 December 04:27pm

Mesdk34 replied to topic nasal congestion from reflux

Acid reflux and congestion in infants often happen together. Both causes discomfort and problems with nursing and general health. A stuffy nose, sinusitis, nasal congestion and a number of other pr...

Tuesday 29 December 04:16pm

Mesdk34 replied to topic Wheezy 9 month old

Hey, how's your little one? Because of small nasal air passages, congestion and mucus can trouble breathing. Most babies do not eat and sleep well when they are having trouble breathing. Use ...

Tuesday 29 December 04:10pm

Mesdk34 replied to topic WE DID IT!!!

Buste_Xx wrote: You could use Christmas as an excuse to get rid of the dummy/bottle. Tell your child Santa took them to give them to someone else who needs them more. Hope you found this helpful. ...

Monday 28 December 08:23pm

Mesdk34 replied to topic Twins question

It’s certainly not an impossible thing. In early scans, doctors doesn't really look for anything other than a heartbeat. I wish you have a healthy pregnancy ahead.

Monday 28 December 07:23pm

Mesdk34 replied to topic HCG levels after early miscarriage

I read that if a natural miscarriage takes place over an extended period of time, the rapid HcG drop could happen at any point between the point where baby stopped growing and when you actually beg...

Monday 28 December 07:15pm

Mesdk34 replied to topic What did you not expect when you were expecting?

There are certainly some unexpected side effects of pregnancy those are not common or can be experienced only few cases. One of my friend observed her feet grew a lot during pregnancy. When she co...

Friday 25 December 04:23pm

Mesdk34 replied to topic Traveling with a baby on a long haul

Travelling With newborn/toddlers can be nerve-racking, especially for first time parents. Always be ready with your itinerary (including any phone numbers you'll need) and a map of your destin...

Friday 25 December 04:15pm

Mesdk34 replied to topic Spinal measurements

I don’t think it should matter a lot. Main reason for checking is that all the vertebrae are in alignment, the skin covers the spine at the back and the baby’s abdominal wall covers all the interna...

Thursday 24 December 04:31pm

Mesdk34 replied to topic Accreta?

Placenta accreta is a general term used to describe the clinical condition when part of the placenta or the entire placenta, too deeply, entangling to its tissue and blood vessels in the uterine wa...

Thursday 24 December 04:21pm

Mesdk34 replied to topic Low thyroid

Hi, how are you feeling now? just to add in above post, I recently read that slight changes in thyroid function are quite normal during pregnancy, and for that doctor prescribe the medicine for you...

Thursday 24 December 04:17pm

Mesdk34 replied to topic Tongue tied and chewing!

I would prefer to get it snipped, many experts recommend it to be done in early life; very simple and 2 minutes procedure. However, older babies and certainly those over the age of 9 months will ne...

Friday 18 December 06:50pm

Mesdk34 replied to topic Am I pregnant??? Brown flow

I would wait for another week and re-test. Home pregnancy tests vary in their accuracy (i.e., how sensitive they are to hCG), and morning tests are more accurate than those later in the day. If it ...

Friday 18 December 06:32pm

Mesdk34 replied to topic Dummies

Personally, I wouldn’t recommend dummy/pacifier in newborn, especially if you’re breastfeeding.

Wednesday 16 December 10:22pm
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