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Mom2B replied to topic Guilty about not breastfeeding

Hi, My bub is almost 6 months and although I really want to wean him (freedom! yes please) I can't seem to do it. So I understand what you mean when you talk about feeling guilty. I'm actually ...

Thursday 12 January 10:17pm

Mom2B replied to topic refusing formula

My son is almost 6 months old and although I am breastfeeding him he has also lost interest in his food. I used to feed him at least every two hours, however he did sleep very well at night. Now ...

Thursday 12 January 10:05pm

Mom2B replied to topic Aug 05 Mummy's...R U Suffering Hairloss...???

Hey.. I have the same problem. I spoke to my hair dresser and she said it is normal - and usually the amount is more when you're breastfeeding. I would lose clumps and clumps of hair, especially...

Tuesday 10 January 04:50pm

Mom2B replied to topic pregnant again,

My little boy is 5 months n I've just recently discovered that I may be pregnant again (I'm on holidays n want to confirm with the doc when I get home). Initially I cried because I really don't thi...

Monday 09 January 05:42pm

Mom2B replied to topic How did you tell your toddlers ... ???

I don't have any children but I have 9 neices/nephews who've seen my big belly develop (this is my first baby). Although they've seen their Mom's pregnant (I don't know what they told them about th...

Saturday 02 July 05:22pm

Mom2B replied to topic 2.5 or 3 year gap?

I don't know if my husband and I are just crazy, but we're sort of planning a 4 or 5 year gap! It's ok to start whenever you like... I have the same thought as you - I really don't think I could co...

Monday 06 June 10:30am

Mom2B replied to topic Money stress is making me depressed...

Hi Bridget... Your story saddens me, but don't worry (I know easy for me to say) things will get better. The best thing you could have done was told your husband. Before I got married I told my...

Thursday 02 June 06:26pm

Mom2B started new topic Difficulty conceiving due to past eating disorders

One of my friends has been trying to conceive for the past 8 years without any success. When she was younger she suffered from anorexia and still has problems with her body fat levels etc. Due to ...

Wednesday 01 June 04:50pm

Mom2B replied to topic baby from 2 cultures

Jennie.. This decision could be difficult for you. Like you I have married a man from the sub-continent. My husband is from Pakistan and I have come from a middle-eastern background, but we were b...

Tuesday 31 May 07:18pm

Mom2B started new topic Girl or Boy??

Hi! Unfortunately after 2 ultrasounds the radiologist wasn't able to tell me the sex of my baby! (The first time the baby was too small and the second time the baby's legs were in the way!). I rea...

Monday 30 May 07:34pm

Mom2B started new topic Hospital Bag!

Hi.. I'm the type of girl who can't handle being disorganised! My boss at work has been bugging me for months to pack my 'hospital bag' (and I'm not due until the end of July!) and I'm not really s...

Monday 30 May 07:27pm

Mom2B replied to topic Buget

I am also in a similar situation to Michelle. My baby is due 23rd of July and although I've already bought a lot of things, I still have a few larger items to go. I have spent far too much money (i...

Sunday 27 February 08:49pm

Mom2B replied to topic Due in July '05

Hi everyone! I know this topic was started a while ago, but I just joined this forum and since my baby is due in July I thought it would be a great place to start. This is my first pregnancy an...

Sunday 27 February 08:39pm
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