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lynsey83 replied to topic Due August 2012!

Hi there, I am 28 pregnant with my second child ( I have a 7 year old daughter) I am due the 29th Aug but will be having a c - section so dont know exactly yet when bubs will be born.. I am new t...

Friday 04 May 10:50pm

lynsey83 started new topic want to meet new friends

Hi there, Im 28 year old with a 7 year old daughter and currently 23 weeks pregnant with a little boy. I am looking at meeting new mums or mums to be as its been so long inbetween babies for me i ...

Friday 04 May 10:42pm

lynsey83 replied to topic Young Mums 25 - 30. Husbands that work on Minesites

Hi Petra, Nice to meet you!! I'm lynsey im a bit younger than you asked im 23 and my husband is starting FIFO in Jan 4 on 1 off.. I live south of the rive but would love to chat Lynsey x

Monday 18 December 09:20am

lynsey83 replied to topic Playgroup Enrollments - 2007

So is this avail to everyone or only ppl who you guys pick and choose?? Would have loved to have joined this play group and recommended it to so many ppl but after they way I was treated I wont ev...

Monday 04 December 03:13am

lynsey83 replied to topic New to Huggies

Hi Michelle!! Im Lynsey I have a 21 month old daughter Isabella My hubby and I live In Kelmscott so quite close to you.. I love the name Indyanah!! its becoming quite common hey!! I would lov...

Thursday 30 November 09:38pm

lynsey83 replied to topic Bit confused about meeting up

tomorrow we are all meeting up at kats house!! if your interested let us know and we can forward you the details lynsey x

Wednesday 22 November 03:38pm

lynsey83 replied to topic Gosnells Mummy looking to make new friends!

Hi Bianca, Im Lynsey, 23 and I have 1 daughter isabella 20 months and currently ttc #2.. I live in Kelmscott (renting) and am looking at meeting new ppl I dont drive atm but will be soon hopefull...

Monday 20 November 11:42pm

lynsey83 started new topic ttc #2

well my husband and I are trying to to fall with baby number 2!!! We are hoping for a boy this time round but over the last two months i have been getting 2 periods per month.. its so weird i don...

Friday 06 October 08:31am

lynsey83 replied to topic 2005 babies born at AKMH

Hi there!! I have added you to my msn!! im lynsey im 23 almost and my daughter was born late march in Kelmscott Armadale Hospital would love to chat and maybe catch up sometime Lynsey x

Monday 02 October 06:56pm

lynsey83 started new topic slow cooker

hey there just chasing up some slow cooker recipies Lynsey x

Wednesday 02 August 05:25pm

lynsey83 replied to topic walking group

Hi Hunni, Its Lynsey how are ya? I wann go walking, im starting to only work part time so I will be able to do it with you Have to catch up soon, maybe have you guys round for dinner or somethin...

Sunday 23 July 08:28am

lynsey83 replied to topic Tropical Twist

Hi Kat!! Oh WOW sounds Awesome.. I have never taken Bella to any kind of toddler town yet.. I will have to go have a look at this one some time.. I have also heard the Beach House in Scarbs is pre...

Tuesday 18 July 06:45am

lynsey83 replied to topic Interested in your thoughts...

Hey Kat.. Well I think its personal choice.. I my self wouldn't get it done only because thats DF views.. and seeing as he is the male he gets to make the decision.. haha He Kohdy is maybe a litt...

Tuesday 18 July 06:44am

lynsey83 replied to topic Any mum's 2 be or mum wanna catch up in rockingham/kwianna area?

hi vanessa, im lynsey im not down your way but am always wanting to meet new mums or mums to be i know exactly how you feel about friends going out and doing there own thing.. having a baby is a...

Saturday 01 July 12:49pm

lynsey83 replied to topic Armadale mums

hey trish!! Well im in Kelmscott and I too have limited transport as i dont drive I have a 15month old daughter Isabella I would love to catch up and meet new ppl also gives bella a chance to ha...

Friday 23 June 03:27pm

lynsey83 replied to topic Mum to be in Byford - due 19th June

Hi there Well I used to live in Mundijong.. Just moved to Kelmscott not long ago... I had my daugther Isabella who is 14.5months old at Armadale!! you will be so happy there, they were just great ...

Wednesday 14 June 07:30am

lynsey83 replied to topic playgroup in mundijong

Hi there.. I just moved away from mundijong not long ago. There is a play group there that I used to take my daughter too.. She loved it there. Its on the main street.. Patterson St.. if you wan...

Wednesday 14 June 07:27am

lynsey83 started new topic walk group SOR (Kelmscott)

Hi everyone, Well I'm dying to get out of the house and get motivated.. I just cant seem to shift this baby weight.. and my baby is 1. I get married in Sep and i really need to loose weight ASAP.....

Wednesday 12 April 07:52am

lynsey83 replied to topic MUMs & DADs LOOKING FOR FRIENDS

Hi there, Jon is the same he is always like all of our friends are either single or dont have kids.. We would love to meet other parents.. Tell me about your self? and your partner? and your bub?...

Thursday 23 March 03:01pm

lynsey83 replied to topic looking for navy partners

Wow that must be a BIG thing his first sea trip.. Must be lonely My dad worked away most of my life and its sad, he missed all of my milestone birthday and everything but you got to do what you go...

Monday 20 March 09:09am
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