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Virgo replied to topic Wakes up wet everynight from Peeing through everything..

I had the same problem with my son. I brought the most absorbant disposable nappy I could find (we kept going up a nappy size until the Junior nappies no longer held it all), I put a nappy liner i...

Sunday 15 April 04:18pm

Virgo started new topic Please help - 2 1/2 year old will not try anything and is lazy about chewing!

Due to a long list of allergies and intolerances I totally lost my confidence with introducing new foods. I now have a 2 1/2 year old who is used to "one pot" cooking of meat and veges (which he f...

Sunday 15 April 03:35pm

Virgo replied to topic Night Time Nappies

We used Huggies nappies at night and when my son started to wake up wet we'd go up a size. He was in the Junior 16+kg nappies at 15 mths and he was only 12kgs. Now he is 21 Mths and 13.5kgs but i...

Sunday 23 April 01:32pm

Virgo replied to topic Sandwiches

My nephew didn't start eating bread until just before going to school. He's a very stubborn child. He'd eat anything resembling a cake though. They got him eating things like pikelets, pancakes ...

Sunday 23 April 01:11pm

Virgo replied to topic wheat allergy/milk protein allergy suggestions

Hi Donna, My son is 21 mths. I took him to a pediatrician who is also an allergist at 8 mths and again at 20 mths. Both times the allergy tests have involved skin prick tests and blood tests. Th...

Sunday 23 April 01:01pm

Virgo replied to topic I'm over it

Hi Ebby, I went through a very tough patch last Sept and my son normally independent son (then 14 mths) became clingy and wanted me to carry him everywhere. If I tried to put him down his legs buc...

Tuesday 14 March 08:24am

Virgo started new topic Not interested in Finger Foods

My little man is 16 mths. He eats mashed foods very well, and feeds himself raisins. He also fed himself milk arrowroot biscuits and even sandwiches a couple of times before I discovered he was i...

Wednesday 30 November 07:20pm

Virgo replied to topic Sleeping when out

My baby didn't used to sleep when out either. Once I got a portacot it certainly helped as once they're mobile they won't stay in one place unless confined. We travel with a classical music CD wh...

Thursday 02 June 04:01am

Virgo started new topic Can't sleep when standing in the cot

My 10mth old has learnt to stand up in the cot. No matter what I try he will not stay lying down. Yesterday he slept for an hour in the pushchair, he woke so I put him in the cot as I thought h...

Thursday 02 June 03:50am

Virgo replied to topic Not bring up any wind

I agree with Macca re changing bottles. We also had a lot of problems with wind so we changed to "Dr Brown's Natural Flow" bottles which are brilliant. The bottles "breathe" so instead of the bab...

Friday 06 May 04:26am

Virgo replied to topic I am tired, in pain, and really need help

My son also had a terrible time getting his two top teeth - if I put him down he'd cry, if I carried him he'd grizzle & he just wanted me. Fortunately he would settle and sleep in his pushchair so...

Friday 06 May 04:06am

Virgo replied to topic Does your baby have nightmares too??

When my baby was first born he would wake himself up screaming and the midwife said she thought he was having nightmares about being stuck. These did settle and I think a visit to a cranial osteop...

Friday 06 May 03:43am

Virgo replied to topic 10 month olds with allergies...

Hi Janelle I just wanted to thank you for listing the website address for RPA - I've found it really helpful. Have you got a copy of their "Friendly Foods" book?? I'm thinking of getting a copy bu...

Wednesday 30 March 08:14am

Virgo replied to topic 10 month olds with allergies...

Hi Susan Just thought I'd let you know that I have just found out that my son is intolerant to Salicylate which is a natural chemical found in a group of fruit, veges and also aspirin. This was th...

Wednesday 30 March 08:11am

Virgo replied to topic Problems with swapping formula??

The ingredients of the formulas are essentially the same but there must be slight differences in the processing as my baby was constipated on the Whey based Nurture formula but fine on the Whey bas...

Monday 21 March 04:36am

Virgo replied to topic 10 month olds with allergies...

Hi Suz01 My 8 mth old gets bad wind due to food intolerances. I suggest you go to a dietician as they'll probably find the link between the foods that bubs is reacting to. This will be my next st...

Monday 21 March 04:15am

Virgo replied to topic water, "no thank you"

Hi Kris Try giving your baby water in a sipper cup or out of the glass that you're drinking. My baby liked the novelty of a new container (he thought he was ripped off if it came out of a bottle) ...

Monday 21 March 03:50am

Virgo replied to topic cranial osteopath??

Hi, I think it would be worth a try as it definitely made my baby more settled overall along with stretching out his night time sleeps. Good luck and I'd be interested to hear how you get on.

Wednesday 23 February 06:36am

Virgo replied to topic My baby can only settle in the pram during the day, what can I do??

Hi Claudia I'd just leave the baby to sleep in the pram - the main thing is that he has some sleep, it doesn't matter where. I had my son sleeping in the pushchair day and night at times cos he n...

Tuesday 22 February 12:24pm

Virgo replied to topic How do i turn catnaps into sleeps?

Hi Renee77 I had the same problem with my son when he was about the same age. After tearing my hair out, I took him to a cranial osteopath and I brought home the happy, sleeping baby! See the cr...

Saturday 19 February 01:40pm
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