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kellytwins started new topic drying up!

hi midwifes, can u plz advises me on drying up on my breast, my twins are 10 weeks old now, and only get 2 bottles of br..milk and the rest formula, cause one twin wasn't sucking on boob as well w...

Tuesday 20 September 07:29pm

kellytwins started new topic information on breast milk and formula....

hi , just a question regarding breast milk and making up an formula, when out shopping or out. say the breast milk, and water just out of fridge, and out for a while but there both in insulated nap...

Friday 19 August 04:27am

kellytwins started new topic storing breast milk, and formula ...when going out..

hi, can anybody help me regarding breast milk and formula feeding, i have twins and when we have to go out shopping, i take 1 breast milk and 1 formula in bottles( formula not addded yet),...can u ...

Thursday 18 August 08:21pm

kellytwins started new topic concern re/non identical twins

Hi Alex, Just wanted some extra information as this is our 1st pregnancy and its with twins, and i feel its getting closer. im 32 weeks pregnant with them , the other night i was sleeping on my si...

Friday 10 June 08:05pm

kellytwins replied to topic Is anyone else out there having or had Twins

hi everybody , where also having twins!! ( and im identical twin as well 32 yr old girls) and my hubby and me cant wait for them to arrive, due in july05 the twins will be our 1st children so im su...

Saturday 02 April 06:00am
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