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CathyMatty replied to topic Medication to increase breast milk supply

I used Fenugreek when my son was about 5 days old as suggested by a midwife on her home visit. It really helped my milk come in. You can get it from health food shop.

Wednesday 24 February 09:20am

CathyMatty started new topic How much is your 15mth eating

My 15 mth son loves food. He normally has 2 weetbixs and a cup of milk for breakfast / yoguhrt for morn tea / 1 1/2 vegmite & cheese sandwiches for lunch & a cup of milk, either a banana or appl...

Friday 24 February 01:26pm

CathyMatty started new topic Hypospadias

I was hoping to hear from other parents who's son has had a hypospadias operation to see how it went. My son who is now 15mths had his operation last July. After numerous visits back to the hospi...

Friday 24 February 01:12pm

CathyMatty replied to topic Cold Milk

thanks for the advice - I've been trying to warm his milk up less but he is so fussy he won't drink his whole bottle. I'll just start giving him smaller bottles & maybe he'll get used to it. We'r...

Tuesday 15 November 12:04pm

CathyMatty started new topic Cold Milk

My son who is 1 next week (can't believe how fast that went) has started on cows milk. The only problem is he won't drink it cold. He has been on formula since he was 2 months old and I've always...

Wednesday 09 November 02:53pm

CathyMatty replied to topic Screaming during nappy and clothing changes

Wait till she starts to roll and crawl - My 10mth son hates being on his back and when I try and change his nappy he keeps rolling over and trying to crawl away. He crys and carries on and I absol...

Wednesday 28 September 12:10pm

CathyMatty started new topic Bad Cough

My 10 month old son has just developed a really bad dry cough yesterday and kept me awake all night coughing. I was wondering if cough medicines really work and if so anyone could recommend a good ...

Thursday 15 September 11:01am

CathyMatty replied to topic dummy problem

My son is almost 10 months - he used to use his dummy a lot but now that he is interested in playing with his toys I take the dummy away during the day and he happily plays - I think he forgets abo...

Thursday 15 September 10:58am

CathyMatty replied to topic sleeping with reflux.

Hi You should try a chiropractor - a friend of mine's son had really bad reflux and colic and after seeing a chiropractor he was a changed baby. I have also taken my son to the chiropractor when h...

Saturday 10 September 10:27am

CathyMatty replied to topic wriggling out of blankets at night!

Wait till he learns how to crawl! My son did the same thing, we'd put him to bed in his cot and by the morning he was up the other end out of the covers. Now at 9 months he crawls in his sleep. W...

Saturday 03 September 09:36am

CathyMatty started new topic Sleep Crawling

My son who is now 9 months has been sleep crawling for the last 3 months. We can't sleep him in his cot because he hits the sides and wakes up. We started sleeping him on a single mattress on the...

Saturday 27 August 06:20am

CathyMatty replied to topic DUMMY

hello My son is nine months as well born on 17.11.04. I didn't want to use a dummy at first but it is the only thing that keeps me sane now. My son slept through the night from about 7 weeks but f...

Saturday 27 August 06:11am

CathyMatty replied to topic Weetbix

Hi I started my son on weetbix when he was 6 months because my doctor should it was fine. He started with 1 weetbix with full cream milk and I put it in the microwave for 20 seconds. He loves it....

Friday 26 August 10:38am
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