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wanda started new topic Burp breaks?

I was just curios how many times you stopped to burp bubs during a bottle or BF? When I was BF he would go about 5 mins before needing a burp. With the bottle I usually stop every 50ml or so, so 3...

Monday 07 August 01:51pm

wanda replied to topic Newborn and a toddler - how do you manage your day?

Hi Paula, I had the same worries as you . My boys are 16 months apart. Things do change but I have to say things just seem to fall into place and you just get by. I will admit though, hubby helps a...

Sunday 06 August 04:34pm

wanda replied to topic Does Anyone Heat their formula in the microwave?

Yep always at home. Bottles are made up in the fridge ready to heat. When I go out I take formula with me and heat the water first.

Friday 04 August 05:51am

wanda replied to topic Was heartbroken...but fine now

quote * But a week ago I had to come to terms with the fact that my BM was making the wee man feel unwell in the sense that my supply versus composition was unbalanced. He ended up only filling up ...

Friday 04 August 05:43am

wanda started new topic Feeding/wind issues with bf & formula feeding?

Has anyone experienced their perfect baby turn into feral baby, all of a sudden, with no noticeable reason to change? For the 1st 8 wks of his life, Jai was a very easy baby, didnt need settling a...

Tuesday 18 July 04:40pm

wanda replied to topic Terribles two's or something serious??? Help!

Gee how stressful, Im exhausted just reading this, you poor thing!!! I would definitely get Tahlia into a sleep clinic. I went to one for a day with my 13 month old, because I was 6 months preg a...

Friday 14 July 06:06pm

wanda replied to topic Is my baby deaf?????

I would be getting him checked out. I would expect a reaction from a loud, sudden noise such as a balloon. He may have no probs at all though. Good luck

Friday 14 July 05:47pm

wanda replied to topic Scratches on baby's face

I would have probably used Bepanthen on it. And I would be contacting the manufacturer of the carrier and tell them of your experience. I hope your dd is ok now

Friday 16 June 04:01pm

wanda replied to topic taking 1-2 hrs to feed

Hi Angela, dont they have special bottles for babies with cleft pallets that have a spoon like bit on the end. I know he doesnt actually have a CP but maybe it would help?

Friday 16 June 03:55pm

wanda started new topic Domperidone

Is anyone taking it and has it helped to increase your supply?

Friday 16 June 07:19am

wanda replied to topic Flat Spot on head

With my 1st son I flattened one side of his head because I didnt know you had to rotate them. I slept him on the opposite side every night for about 6-8 weeks and the flat side popped out. I sle...

Thursday 01 June 06:21pm

wanda replied to topic changing to formula

If he's already having top ups I'd just swap him straight over when ever you want. I have to do both also as I dont have a good supply and I think Im going to have to quit the breast because its ...

Friday 26 May 07:09pm

wanda replied to topic Worried about having a big baby

My first was 8lb 8oz. I was told my 2nd would be at LEAST 9lb by the doc doing my scans and a few midwives. Jai came out 7lb 11oz. So so much for that theory! I had to go and buy 0000's.

Friday 12 May 07:11am

wanda replied to topic Partial Epidural ??????

I think its called a mobile epidural...its a low dose one that allows you to walk. I would have been interested in one but they dont do them at my hospital. Not sure of the correct medical term fo...

Wednesday 26 April 06:11am

wanda started new topic Anyone due in Apr still preg?

Today is my due date and Im still here. I had my last AN app yesterday and they made a 41 week app for me in case Im still going. I really hope not because I do not want to be induced. Anybody els...

Wednesday 26 April 06:04am

wanda replied to topic how much sllep does you 16mth old get

My 16 month old is almost the same as yours, he sleeps 12 hours over night and has 2 x 1 hour naps in the day....

Monday 17 April 01:35pm

wanda replied to topic My Birth Story

Congrats Becka. Glad to hear things went well, lucky they called someone in to do your epi!

Sunday 16 April 05:20pm

wanda replied to topic how many words

OK my son is 16 months on the 22nd of this month and so far he says; mum dad nan ta no oh dear oh no what bye shoes stay dont doh (dorothy the dinosaur) I think thats about it from memory, there...

Saturday 15 April 01:59pm

wanda replied to topic Scared Stiff!!! Large baby.

Lets hope he's wrong! Have you discussed doing a ceasar with your OB? He may agree and if not Im sure if she's too big for you they will do one anyway. My 1st was 8lb 8oz and I have been told this...

Tuesday 11 April 04:19pm

wanda replied to topic anyone due at the end of April??? 29th.....

Hi Amanda, Im due on the 25th Anzac Day, with my 2nd son Hows your pregnancy been so far?

Sunday 09 April 03:58pm
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