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Jaimee-Lee replied to topic rotorua mums

Hi there I have a 7month old boy named Xavier. I have just moved back to Rotorua. If you ever want to chat would be great my e-mail is [email protected]

Friday 09 September 03:26pm

Jaimee-Lee replied to topic Routines for 7 month olds incl solids

My son Xavier is 7 months He wakes about 7-8. I change him into clothes and then he will have his bottle and then he has meuslie. He will play till about 10am then he is asleep for about 2 hrs. ...

Monday 22 August 03:01pm

Jaimee-Lee started new topic dairy farming parents

Hey there Was just wondering if there are any other dairy farming parents out there. i live in Tauranga, just moved here begining of july. Would be great to talk to other mum's Jaimee-lee

Sunday 14 August 05:30am

Jaimee-Lee replied to topic Looking for mothers to talk about

hello I hope you dont mind i added you too my msn. There are not alot of mum's from nz that i can see on here to talk to .

Saturday 13 August 03:59pm

Jaimee-Lee replied to topic Periods

Hi I am on the mini pill. I have now stopped breast feeding for bout 3 months now and still have not got it. About 2 years before i had my son Xavier, i was in hospital as i had a cyst on my ovar...

Thursday 14 July 08:29am

Jaimee-Lee started new topic Periods

Hey I was just wondering, i stopped breastfeeding about a month to a month and a half ago and have still not got my period. I was just wondering how long after do you get it? Any other mum's wth ...

Monday 20 June 03:44pm

Jaimee-Lee replied to topic How much wake time in the day?

Hi My baby is 3 months old and doesn't like to sleep during the day. If he does go to sleep it is only for about 3 hours at the most. He use to sleep alot but doesnt anymore.

Tuesday 19 April 09:56am
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